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Now Playing: Monsters vs. Aliens - Clip - We are here to destroy you Monsters vs. Aliens - Clip No. 1
2012-11-29 Monsters vs. Aliens Teaser
2012-06-08 Monsters Vs Aliens - Exclusive cast interview
2012-03-06 Interview with the Stars of Monsters Vs. Aliens
2012-01-12 Monsters Vs. Aliens Movie Review
2011-07-18 Monsters vs. Aliens
2011-02-04 3D the way of future for films?
2010-01-08 Kiefer Sutherland talks Monsters Vs. Aliens
2009-04-05 Reese Witherspoon talks Monsters vs Aliens
2009-04-05 Monsters vs. Aliens - Behind the scenes
2009-04-03 The Boat That Rocked + Monsters Vs. Aliens
2009-04-02 Monsters vs. Aliens - Clip - Mad scientist
2009-04-01 Monsters vs. Aliens - Clip - We are here to destroy you
2009-04-01 Reese Witherspoon, domestic goddess?
2009-03-27 Box Office Breakdown - March 27-29th 2009
2009-03-26 Monsters VS Aliens Movie Premiere
2009-03-23 Monsters vs. Aliens LA launch
2009-03-23 Box Office Breakdown - March 20th-22nd 2009
2009-03-19 Kiefer Sutherland talks 24
2009-03-15 Monsters vs. Aliens - Exclusive premiere report
2009-03-13 Kiefer and Reese have a monster's ball at London premiere
2009-03-12 Animation goes 3D

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