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Monster in the Closet Cast and Crew

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Donald Grant - Richard Clark
Denise DuBarry - Diane Bennett
Claude Akins - Sheriff Ketchum
Howard Duff - Father Finnegan
Henry Gibson - Dr Pennyworth
Donald Moffat - General Turnbull
Paul Dooley - Roy Crane
Stella Stevens - Margo Crane
John Carradine - Old Joe
Frank Ashmore - Scoop Johnson
Paul Walker - The Professor
Jesse White - Ben Bernstein
Kevin Peter Hall - The Monster
Fergie - Lucy
Ritchie Montgomery - Deputy Spiro
Arthur Berggren - Jimmy's Father
Daryle Ann Lindley - Jimmy's Mother
Gordon Metcalfe - Turnbull's Aide
David Anthony - Paperboy
Annie Glynn - Newsstand Woman
Arlee Reed - Passerby
James Arone - Soldier
Andrew Cofrin - Soldier
Benny Baker - Mr McGinty
Doc Duhame - Deputy Connor
Jonna Lee - Sorority Girl
Arthur Taxier - Television Newscaster
Archie Lang - Television Newscaster
Claire Nono - Television Newscaster
John Walsh - Television Newscaster
Wycliffe Young - Globe Reporter
Paul Latchaw - Globe Reporter
David McCharen - Reporter
Patricia Richarde - Reporter
Carole Kean - Reporter
Jack Tate - Reporter
Sheldon Feldner - Reporter
Terrence Beasor - Reporter
Katherine Lyons - Reporter
Jack Shearer - Reporter
Richard Egan - Charlie
Jonathan Aluzas - Chip
Brad Kester - Rex
Evan Arnold - Beaver
Corky Pigeon - Danny
Stephanie White - Maggie--Scoop's Girl
Ken Kessler
William Kirksey
Kathleen McGrath
Paul McIsaac
Tony Carlin - of Monster
Bob Dahlin
David Levy
Peter L Bergquist
Lloyd Kaufman
Michael Herz
Michel Billot
Terrence Corey
Robert Rock
Bob Dahlin
Peter L Bergquist