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Monster's Ball Cast and Crew

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Billy Bob Thornton - Hank Grotowski
Halle Berry - Leticia Musgrove
Peter Boyle - Buck Grotowski
Heath Ledger - Sonny Grotowski
Sean Combs - Lawrence Musgrove
Yasiin Bey - Ryrus Cooper
Coronji Calhoun - Tyrell Musgrove
Taylor Simpson - Lucille
Gabrielle Witcher - Betty
Amber Rules - Vera
Charles Cowan - Willie Cooper
Taylor LaGrange - Darryl Cooper
Anthony Bean - Dappa Smith
Francine Segal - Georgia Ann Paynes
John McConnell - Harvey Shoonmaker
Marcus Lyle Brown - Paul Huggins
Milo Addica - Tommy Roulaine
Leah Loftin - Booter
Larry Lee - Correction Officer No 1
Troy Poret - Correction Officer No 2
Paul Smith - Correction Officer No 3
Marshall Cain - Correction Officer
Will Rokos - Warden Velasco
Anthony Michael Frederick - Billy
John Wilmot - Minister
Dennis Clement - Clement
Stephanie Claire - Nurse
Ritchie Montgomery - Detective
Clara Daniels - Maggie Cooper
Carol Sutton - Mrs Guillermo
Bernard Johnson - Deputy Jones
James Haven - Hospital Guard
Marcus Brown
Marc Forster
Lee Daniels
Mark Urman
Michael Burns
Michael Paseornek
Eric Kopeloff
Milo Addica
Will Rokos