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Mission To Mars Cast and Crew

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Gary Sinise - Jim McConnell
Tim Robbins - Woody Blake
Don Cheadle - Luke Graham
Connie Nielsen - Terri Fisher
Jerry O'Connell - Phil Ohlmyer
Peter Outerbridge - Sergei Kirov
Kavan Smith - Nicholas Willis
Jill Teed - Renee Cote
Elise Neal - Debra Graham
Kim Delaney - Maggie McConnell
Marilyn Norry - Nasa Wife
Freda Perry - Nasa Wife
Lynda Boyd - Nasa Wife
Patricia Harras - Nasa Wife
Robert Bailey - Bobby Graham
Chaynade Knowles - Child at Party
Jeff Ballard - Child at Party
Anson Woods - Child at Party
Britt McKillip - Child at Party
Jillian Marie Hubert - Child at Party
Jody Thompson - Pretty Girl No 1
Lucia Walters - Pretty Girl No 2
Pamela Diaz - Pretty Girl No 3
Sugith Varughese - Capcom No 2
Story Musgrave - Capcom No 3
Mina Mina - Ambassador
Carlo Rota - Ambassador
Dmitry Chepovetsky - Technician
Tracy Waterhouse - Sobbing Technician
McCanna Anthony Sinise - Young Jim McConnell
Chantal Conlin - Young Maggie
Jukka Joensuu - Priest
Bill Timoney - Computer Voice
Brian De Palma
Eric Schwab
Tom Jacobson
Samuel L. Mercer
David S. Goyer
Justis Greene
Jim Wedaa
Ted Tally
Chris Soldo
Jacqueline Lopez
Ted Tally
Graham Yost
Jim Thomas
John Thomas
Lowell Cannon