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Million Dollar Hotel Summary

A tale of friendship, trust, betrayal and the overwhelming power of unconditional love. The story follows a gang of unique outcasts and misfits living in a downtown Los Angeles fleapit, known locally as the "Million Dollar Hotel". Their story is seen through the eyes of Tom Tom, a young man who serves them all like some sort of "Beggar's Butler." He has a childlike, innocent mind. Tom Tom has fallen head over heels for the tarnished street angel Eloise. As their relationship develops, the Million Dollar Hotel becomes the focus of a police investigation: one of the residents, the engaging junkie Izzy, has come to a grisly end--having fallen off the roof. Or was he pushed? To the amazement of his neighbors, Izzy is revealed to have been the son of a billionaire media magnate. Every inhabitant of the Million Dollar Hotel falls under suspicion in the inquiry led by FBI hard-liner, Detective Skinner. As Skinner's investigation proceeds, the lines between murder and suicide become very blurred, indeed,