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Midnight Cowboy Cast and Crew

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Jon Voight - Joe Buck
Dustin Hoffman - Ratso
Sylvia Miles - Cass
Brenda Vaccaro - Shirley
John McGiver - Mr O'Daniel
Barnard Hughes - Towny
Ruth White - Sally Buck
Jennifer Salt - Annie
Gil Rankin - Woodsy Niles
Gary Owens - Little Joe
T Tom Marlow - Little Joe
George Eppersen - Ralph
Al Scott - Cafeteria Manager
Linda Davis - Mother on the Bus
J T Masters - Old Cow-Hand
Arlene Reeder - The Old Lady
Georgann Johnson - Rich Lady
Jonathan Kramer - Jackie
Anthony Holland - TV Bishop
Bob Balaban - The Young Student
Jan Tice - Freaked-Out Lady
Paul Benjamin - Bartender
Peter Scalia - Vegetable Grocer
Vito Siracusa - Vegetable Grocer
Peter Zamagias - Hat Shop Owner
Arthur Anderson - Hotel Clerk
Tina Scala - Laundromat Lady
Alma Felix - Laundromat Lady
Richard Clarke - Escort Service Man
Ann Thomas - The Frantic Lady
Gastone Rossilli - Hansel McAlbertson
Joan Murphy - The Waitress
Al Stetson - Bus Driver
Ultra Violet - Party Guest
Paul Jabara - Party Guest
International Velvet - Party Guest
Cecelia Lipson - Party Guest
Taylor Mead - Party Guest
Paul Morrissey - Party Guest
John Schlesinger
Jerome Hellman
Kenneth Utt
Waldo Salt
James Leo Herlihy