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Michael Collins Cast and Crew

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Liam Neeson - Michael Collins
Ian Hart - Joe O'Reilly
Julia Roberts - Kitty Kiernan
Richard Ingram - British Officer
Aidan Quinn - Harry Boland
John Kenny - Patrick Pearse
Roman McCairbe - Thomas McDonagh
Ger O'Leary - Thomas Clark
Michael Dwyer - James Connolly
Martin Murphy - Captain Lee-Wilson
Alan Rickman - Eamon De Valera
Sean McGinley - Smith
Gary Whelan - Hoey
Frank O'Sullivan - Kavanagh
Stephen Rea - Ned Broy
Frank Laverty - Sean McKeoin
Owen O'Neill - Rory O'Connor
Stuart Graham - Tom Cullen
Brendan Gleeson - Liam Tobin
Gerard McSorley - Cathal Brugha
Liam D'Staic - Austin Stack
Owen Roe - Arthur Griffith
Paul Bennett - Cosgrave
Claude Clancy - Vaughn's Hotel Clerk
Paul Hickey - Dublin Castle Soldier
Tom Murphy - Vinny Byrne
David Gorry - Charlie Dalton
Gary Lydon - Squad Youth No 1
David Wilmot - Squad Youth No 2
Joe Hanley - Squad Man No 1
Colm Coogan - Squad Man No 2
Aiden Grennell - Chaplain at Lincoln Jail
Dave Seymour - Lincoln Taxi Driver
Ian McElhinney - Belfast Detective
Tony Clarkin - Soldier on Station
Charles Dance - Soames
Luke Hayden - McCrae
Gary Powell - Black and Tan on Larry
Max Hafler - Black and Tan on Larry
Laura Brennan - Rosie
Aidan Kelly - Gresham Hotel Bellboy
Jim Isherwood - Man Following Broy
Michael James Ford - Black and Tan
Mal Whyte - Officer in Bath
Martin Phillips - Officer in Bed
Aisling O'Sullivan - Girl in Bed
Malcolm Douglas - Officer in Park
Brian Mulvey - Croke Park Hurler
Frank Patterson - Tenor in Restaurant
Peter O'Brien - Pianist in Restaurant
Mike McCabe - Journalist
Vinnie McCabe - Speaker in the Dail
Alan Stanford - Vice-Consul McCready
Gary Paul Mullen - Young Gunman
Barry Barnes - Free State Soldier
Denis Conway - Republican No 1
Don Wycherley - Republican No 2
Paraic Breathnach - Santry the Blacksmith
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Collins' Assassin
Sinead O'Connor
Aiden Grennelle - Chaplain at Lincoln Jail
Neil Jordan
Stephen Woolley
Redmond Morris
Neil Jordan