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'Men In Black III' Named 2012's Most Blunder-Filled Movie

12/19/2012 11:59am EST
Men in Black III
Will Smith's latest alien installment Men In Black III has been named the most error-filled movie of 2012 in a new poll.

Editors at have compiled their annual list of the year's most blunder-riddled films and Men in Black III blasted into the top spot with 63 goofs, more than twice as many as second placed Skyfall, which has 26.

Jon Sandys, who runs the website, was surprised by how many bloopers were spotted in Men in Black III, saying, "Every movie has its share of mistakes, but 63 is unusually high so soon after it was released."

Andrew Garfield's superhero debut ...

2012 DVD & Blu-ray Holiday Gift Guide

11/22/2012 8:00pm EST
Starpulse holiday gift guide
Hollywood has put out some great home entertainment releases over the past few months, and we have some suggestions for the film lover, TV fanatic, secret santa and more!

Not sure what to buy your picky uncle or reclusive sibling? Do you need something for the office grab bag? Check out our list of this season's must-have DVDs and Blu-ray discs...



The premium 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack provides 5-unique ways to enjoy “Marvel’s The Avengers” (on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy and Digital Download of “Avengers Assembled” Music from and inspired by...

'Men In Black IV' Confirmed

7/20/2012 12:27pm EDT
Men in Black III
Will Smith is expected to slip on a dark suit and shades for another installment of Men In Black, according to movie bosses.

The superstar returned to his role of Agent J in the third film in the sci-fi franchise earlier this year after a decade-long wait, and proved the series is still a success at the box office after it raked in $615 million.

Now, Columbia Pictures president Doug Belgrad, the man in charge of the studio behind the films, has given a fourth movie the green light.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "We're very pleased with the financial performance of Men in Black 3, a...

Chinese Censors Cut 'Men In Black 3' Scenes

6/3/2012 12:30pm EDT
Men in Black 3
Censors in China have reportedly cut more than three minutes of footage from summer blockbuster Men in Black 3 because they didn't like the way scenes shot in New York's Chinatown portrayed Asians.

The sequel opened to critical and commercial acclaim in China at the weekend, but now local media outlets report parts of the film shown in the U.S. and Europe have been cut from Chinese movie theaters.

One large edit comes as Will Smith's Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K and evil aliens disguised as workers in a Chinese restaurant in New York, and another features Smith's character "neural...

'Men In Black III' Beats 'Avengers' At Box Office

5/28/2012 9:51am EDT
Men In Black III
We knew it had to happen eventually. "The Avengers" was dethroned by "Men In Black III" at the weekend box office. Will Smith's alien comedy finally put an end to the reign of the superhero smash hit film.

The "Men in Black" sequel, which marks Smith's return to the big screen for the first time in four years, took in $55 million, while "The Avengers" - which had held onto the top spot for three weeks running - grossed $37 million. It has totaled $514 million in America. The record-breaking film has become only the fourth movie ever to top half a billion dollars domestically in the U.S.


Josh Brolin Opens Up About His Penchant For Pedicures

5/26/2012 7:14am EDT
Josh Brolin
Movie star Josh Brolin has become a big fan of pedicures after getting serious about his grooming in preparation for his role as a billionaire in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

The No Country For Old Men star admits he developed a love for foot rubs and nail care on the set of the 2010 film - and it has stuck with him ever since.

He says, "I thought it was, like, a billionaire mentality thing to do. It's not really cool where I'm from - kinda the country and cowboy thing... but the pedis I still do, bro.

"Where I'm from... guys sit and watch TV and they kinda eat their nails off the...

Will Smith Wants 'Bad Boys 3'

5/25/2012 8:15pm EDT
Will Smith
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are eager to reunite for a third Bad Boys movie - as soon as they find the perfect script.

The Hollywood star is currently busy promoting the third installment of his Men In Black film series, and it appears he has trilogies on his mind - he'd like to revisit the action comedy.

He says, "I talked to Martin about that a couple of weeks ago. Martin is into it. (We've) got a couple of screenplays, the story's gotta (sic) be right."

Smith and Lawrence first teamed up to portray Miami, Florida police detectives for the original Bad Boys in 1995; a sequel was ...

Will Smith Admits He Controls Everything

5/24/2012 12:03pm EDT
Will Smith, Men In Black 3 Premiere
We know Will Smith is the biggest star in the world and everything he touches turns to gold. Surely everyone he meets is enchanted by his natural charisma. It turns out Smith really does control everyone he meets. He admits it. Speaking about Men in Black 3, Smith shared a philosophical idea that makes a lot of sense coming from him.

“I control every interaction with every human being that I'm with,” Smith said. “A person isn't just an *sshole, or a person isn't crazy. If I'm aware, I can actually manage any situation with 98 percent of the people on Earth. There's some lunatics. There's s...

Review 'Men In Black 3' The Best One Yet

5/23/2012 4:08pm EDT
'Men In Black'
Okay people... They are back! Those alien fighting dudes, in their black sport jackets, white shirts, skinny ties, shooting gadgets that can wipe your memory clean, faster than you can say 'The Martians Are Coming'

Not only are they back, after a fifteen year absence, but...Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) are better than ever.

Thanks to director, Barry Sonnenfeld and the screenwriters, Etan Cohen, and David Koepp, based on the comic by Lowell Cunningham the third in the franchise.

The plot, without giving too much away, involves time travel, a super grotesque alien kno...

Trailer Talk: This Week in Movies - 'Men in Black III,' 'Moonrise Kingdom' & More

5/21/2012 1:00pm EDT
Men in Black
I didn’t end up watching “Battleship” last week, because I wasn’t in the mood to knowingly subject myself to a bad movie that night. Friends who caught it, told me that it’s as terrible as they thought it would be, giving it a D grade. Critic Matt Patches hilariously called it “as stiff and lifeless as the plastic pieces used to play (the board game).” After hearing things like that I’m glad I didn’t bother with “Battleship.”

This week includes the release of the highly anticipated blockbuster “Men in Black III,” but I’m more interested in Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” since it feature...

Will Smith Slaps Journalist Attempting To Kiss Him

5/19/2012 7:41am EDT
Will Smith
Will Smith was caught off guard Friday during a Russian premiere of Men In Black III by a male reporter who attempted to kiss Smith while walking the red carpet for the event.

The reporter from a Ukrainian television station was attempting a pre-screening interview when he grabbed the actor and tried to plant a kiss on his lips. The video tape indicates that Smith lost his composure and gave the reporter a light slap saying, "Hey man, yo man, what the hell is your problem, buddy?"

Moving along the carpet, in his next interview, Smith said, "Hey sorry, he tried to kiss me on the mouth. J...

Nicole Scherzinger & Alice Eve Heat Up The 'Men In Black III' London Premiere

5/17/2012 11:00am EDT
Nicole Scherzinger
Keep a fire extinguisher nearby because the following photos of Nicole Scherzinger and Alice Eve are hot! We spotted the two ladies at the "Men in Black III" U.K. gala premiere yesterday (and they appropriately wore black).

Nicole wore an interesting gown with coils of fabric on the bodice. The dress accentuated her lower half with a slit up the leg. Alice wore a half latex cocktail dress that hugged her figure in all the right places.

In the third installment of the popular film franchise, Agent J (Will Smith) takes a trip into the past in order to save both the future and his taciturn ...

Former 'X Factor' Judge Nicole Scherzinger Sizzled In Purple At 'Men In Black III' Premiere

5/15/2012 8:39am EDT
Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger was the hottest star on the red carpet at the "Men In Black III" premiere in Germany on Monday. She looked sensational in a form fitting purple dress that showed off her sexy curves. She wore large silver hoop earrings and black pumps.

In our opinion, she looked better than the newly announced "X Factor" judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. They appeared at the Fox network's upfronts in New York City on Monday, and Britney tweeted a photo of the two of them with Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid.

Scherzinger and Paula Abdul were kicked off "X Factor" last season after rating...

Jada Pinkett Smith Dazzles At European 'Men In Black III' Premieres

5/14/2012 2:00pm EDT
Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith has got it going on. She turned up to the "Men in Black III" premiere in Madrid, Spain, on Sunday wearing a short yellow dress that showed off her very toned legs.

She appears to be on a European tour with her husband Will Smith while he promotes the film. She also appeared at the Paris premiere in a black flapper-style dress. That's one way to show a united front! (Either that or she's keeping an eye on him while he visits cities filled with beautiful women.)

A few months ago the couple was rumored to be splitting up. She recently told Gala magazine, "These rumors are ...

Will Smith Supports President Obama's Tax Proposal

5/8/2012 9:22am EDT
Will Smith
Hollywood star Will Smith has thrown his support behind Barack Obama after the President proposed a tax hike for high earners.

Obama has called for those who make more than $1 million a year to pay at least 30 per cent of their income in taxes.

And the Independence Day star insists he's happy to hand over more of his pay check to support the struggling American economy.

He tells the Associated Press, "I'm very supportive of that idea. America has been fantastic to me. I have no problem paying whatever I need to pay to keep my country growing."

Smith received an estimated $20 million...

Can 'Avengers,' 'Dark Knight Rises,' And 'Amazing Spider-Man' Make 2012 The Best Movie Summer Ever?

5/2/2012 2:07pm EDT
The Avengers
The movie industry earned $4.3 billion last summer at the U.S. box office to make it the best summer ever (I thought piracy was killing the industry?) but don't expect the mark to last for long. There's a team of superhero movies coming along, and each one could break records.

The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers look to score over $400 million each and should be boosted with IMAX and 3D premiums. Thus far, The Avengers have already made $218 million overseas. There's also PIXAR's Brave and The Amazing Spider-Man - Pixar is always good for a cash infusion, but we'll have to wait and see ...

Tommy Lee Jones Receives Harvard Arts Medal

4/27/2012 12:39pm EDT
Tommy Lee Jones
Tommy Lee Jones has been honored by his alma mater college after receiving the Harvard Arts Medal on Thursday.

The Men in Black star, who attended the Massachusetts university in the 1960s, returned to the institution and was presented with the award at a special ceremony.

The Oscar winner told the audience his time at Harvard shaped his career, saying, "I believe my experience here was the best thing that happened to my creative life. For that, I will be grateful as long as I live."

He also took part in a question-and-answer session with fellow Harvard alumni and actor John Lithgow, ...

Justin Bieber And Lady Gaga To Play Aliens In 'Men In Black 3'

4/25/2012 11:29am EDT
Men in Black III
Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber will make out of this world cameos in the new Men In Black movie - as aliens.

The pop superstars are among the big name guest stars to make an appearance in the highly-anticipated third installment of the franchise, which re-teams Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents in charge of policing extra-terrestrials.

Gaga and Bieber will play aliens who sit on a surveillance board, alongside kooky filmmaker Tim Burton.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld tells, "In this (installment) there are a few people that you'll see up on the surveillance board i...

Bogus Will Smith Tweet Becomes An Internet Sensation

3/27/2012 8:26am EDT
Will Smith
A fake Will Smith tweet commenting on Trayvon Martin's killing has gone viral after it was re-posted by several Hollywood stars including Spike Lee and Rosie O'Donnell.

The quote, wrongly attributed to the Hollywood actor, suggested the woman who pelted Kim Kardashian with flour last week was arrested more quickly than the killer of slain Martin.

The fake tweet, accompanied by a picture of the Men in Black actor and the account name @RealWillSmith, reads, "We live in America where a girl that threw flour on Kim Kardashian was arrested on site. But the man who killed Trayvon Martin is st...

Lady Gaga Wears Weird Bra Revealing Outfit In NYC

3/2/2012 5:00pm EST
Lady Gaga
We spotted Lady Gaga in an odd breast baring outfit as she left her hotel in New York City this afternoon. First, it was really cold in the city today. Second, it looks like the blouse was intentionally made to show off the bra (and everything else) underneath.

She paired the look with Minnie Mouse-inspired sunglasses and platform boots. It's weird. But of course Gaga is known for her strangeness so this isn't really weird after all.

The pop star is making a cameo in the highly anticipated "Men In Black III," starring Will Smith, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones. We wonder if she'll be pl...

Lady Gaga To Make Cameo In 'Men In Black III'

2/28/2012 8:48am EST
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is set to make her big screen movie debut in the upcoming "Men In Black" sequel, according to a Brazilian movie news website.

Editors claim Will Smith let it slip that the singer would appear in the film during a promotional trip to Rio last week.

He reportedly told, "We have a couple of celebrity cameos, but I cannot reveal who they are. We must keep as a surprise that Lady Gaga appears."

The website reports Smith has been told not to reveal any of the other cameos lined up for the film, which will feature Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and Emma Thompson as alien...

The First 'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer - Watch It!

2/7/2012 1:00pm EST
The Amazing Spider-Man
The first full-length trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has been released. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) juggles his newfound powers with his normal life - which includes girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and her father, the city's police chief who is out to capture a masked vigilante (Denis Leary).

The Amazing Spider-Man reboots the story, but it is to be seen how much of the film will describe Parker getting his powers. What is known is that the main villian will be The Lizard (Rhys Ifans).

The film joins a heavy Summer release schedule that includes The Avengers, Men in Black 3, S...

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

1/13/2012 10:00am EST
Most Anticipated Movies of 2012
If you’re family is like mine, you probably got one for Christmas. I have an aunt who has given on to me every year since I was seven. Each time I open the wrapping paper and feign surprise, as if my present could have been anything else. The first few times she gave me this turd of a gift, I hung it dutifully on my wall for the entire year. Each time I looked at it, I would wonder how Chocolate Labradors or Monster Trucks define me as a person (News Flash: They don’t). Now, as soon as she leaves the room, I throw my gift right in the trash without even a modicum of guilt. Still don’t know ...

Check Out The 'Men In Black III' Trailer

12/13/2011 12:00pm EST
Men In Black III
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to the kooky world of the top-secret government agents who protect our planet from hostile aliens in the third entry of the "Men in Black" film series.

In the trailer, J (Smith) is informed that his partner has been dead for 40 years, so he travels back to 1969 to find the younger version of K, played by Josh Brolin.

"Men In Black III" will be the first film in the franchise to be presented in 3D. During filming last summer, Smith made headlines for irritating New York City residents with his massive trailer, which he parked on the streets of Soho.

Are Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith Splitting Up?

8/23/2011 11:32am EDT
Will Smith & family
According to In Touch Weekly, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are breaking up after 13 years of marriage. The couple are parents to "Whip My Hair" singer Willow, 10, and "Karate Kid" actor Jaden Smith, 13. Will also has an 18-year-old son from a previous relationship. called Jada's rep for a comment, and she replied: "What? In Touch said that? I know nothing about this... Lord. I'm going back to bed."

The couple has a record of dodging rumors that their marriage is a cover to hide their real sexual orientations. Jada told National Public Radio in 2009: "I don't have an open ma...

James Cameron's 'Fantastic Voyage' Could Be Sent Adrift Without A Director On Board

8/22/2011 1:22pm EDT
Will Smith is in the running for 'Fantastic Voyage'
The 'Avatar' creator and his Lightstorm Entertainment partner Jon Landau are set to produce the remake of the 1966 sci-fi flick, 'Fantastic Voyage,' but if they are unable to acquire a well known actor then they may face losing the projects current director, Shawn Levy.

THR claim that Levy, the director of 'Night at the Museum,' 'Date Night' and Hugh Jackman's latest robot film 'Real Steel,' is set to leave the big budget movie in future weeks if a highly acclaimed actor does not star in the film.

Production has been on hold due to casting difficulties and this has resulted in Levy ...

Summer Superhero Recap: What Worked, What Didn't, What Comes Next

7/25/2011 2:00pm EDT
Summer Superhero Recap 2011
Now that Captain America has slung his mighty shield across the cineplexes, 2011’s summer superhero quadrumvirate—Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern and Cap—is ripe for a recap: What worked, what didn’t, and most importantly, what comes next? (Oh, and even though they bested all four DC and Marvel characters at the box office, we’re not counting the Transformers or Harry Potter, okay?)


Released: May 6. Worldwide box office to date: ~$444 million. Rotten Tomatoes rating: 6.7/10

Marvel Comics’ God of Thunder kicked off the superhero summer in a film directed by the Shakespeare...

Will Smith And Jazzy Jeff Planning A Series Of 'Pop-Up' Concerts

6/27/2011 12:47pm EDT
DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff are in talks to return to the stage together for a series of "pop-up" shows.

The Hollywood actor first made his name in the music world with his pal as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, and went on to carve out a successful solo rap career as well as working as a major film star.

They have remained close over the years and Jazzy Jeff recently visited Smith on the set of his new movie, Men in Black III, in New York - and the conversation turned to potential performance opportunities.

Jeff - full name Jeffrey Townes - insists that if they do plan some shows thi...

Will Smith 'Doesn't Understand' Trailer Controversy

5/16/2011 10:47pm EDT
Will Smith
Will Smith is baffled by the controversy surrounding the location of the massive trailer he has been calling home while shooting Men in Black III on the streets of New York, insisting it's the same mobile home he's always used when filming in the city.

The Hollywood star is currently shooting the sci-fi blockbuster in Manhattan, but he hit headlines last week after residents in the Soho district complained about the sizeable eyesore parked outside their homes.

The two-storey trailer, which features a cinema, a lounge bar and offices, as well as a full-sized kitchen, large bedroom and bath...

This Week's Shining & Falling Stars: Sofia Vergara and Will Smith

5/13/2011 11:00am EDT
Sofia Vergara
Shining Star - Sofia Vergara: ABC sitcom star Sofia Vergara is becoming the princess of product endorsements – landing yet another major deal in a matter of months.

The Columbian entertainer was named the new face of CoverGirl this week. Vergara, who stars in the T.V. hit “Modern Family”, joins an impressive list of other spokeswomen for the cosmetics brand, including Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, and Dania Ramirez. The stunner told People mag of the gig, “I love that I have the Latin flavor; Latin girls can relate to me, see what I’m wearing, see my makeup,...