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Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Memento'

7/27/2012 11:20am EDT
With "The Dark Knight Rises" still going strong at the box office (madmen can’t take away our love of the cinema!) it felt important this week to keep the brilliance that is Christopher Nolan going – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! This week we’re showing love to the Dark Knight helmer by examining a little five-star ditty from his early days as a budding filmmaker. Bursting onto the scene with originality, creativity and a real knack for telling a story, Nolan delved into his brother Jonathan’s short story drawer and a great film was born. A murder, a hunt for a killer, and an invest...

Guy Pearce Apologizes For Mocking Australian Capital

4/13/2012 8:36am EDT
Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce has apologized to his fellow Australians after mocking the nation's capital city in a interview, insisting he feels "embarrassed and mortified" and is "truly very sorry."

The Memento star, who was born in England and moved to Australia as a child, made a series of jibes about the city of Canberra during an appearance on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week, joking that there is "a lot wrong about Canberra" and "people from Canberra usually deny they are from Canberra."

His comments upset politicians and tourism bosses Down Under, and Pearce has now released a sta...

Guy Pearce Pumped Up For Action Hero Role In 'Lockout'

4/11/2012 11:00am EDT
Guy Pearce is well known for his dramatic work in movies like Memento and The King’s Speech. Viewers will see his physical side in Lockout, as the action hero Snow. Pearce has a strapping body with arms exploding out of a tank top.

“It was a lot of serious working out in a Belgrade gym,” Pearce said. He shot the film in Serbia. Snow has to go to a space prison to rescue the president’s daughter (Maggie Grace), and he looks like he can handle himself.

“I just went back to the gym. I used to work out in the gym a lot when I was younger. I was a competition body builder when I was 16 or some...

CBS Picks Up J.J. Abrams Pilot 'Person Of Interest'

2/10/2011 1:11pm EST
J.J. Abrams | Photo Credits: Jason LaVeris/
CBS has ordered a crime drama pilot from J.J. Abrams and The Dark Knight co-writer Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Person of Interest follows an ex-CIA hit man and a scientist who team up to prevent crimes before they happen.

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Check Out 'Inception' On Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand, & Download Today!

12/7/2010 8:50am EST
Visionary filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight) writes and directs this psychological sci-fi action film Inception about a thief who possesses the power to enter into the dreams of others.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) doesn't steal things, he steals ideas. By projecting himself deep into the subconscious of his targets, he can glean information that even the best computer hackers can't get to. In the world of corporate espionage, Cobb is the ultimate weapon. But even weapons have their weakness, and when Cobb loses everything, he's forced to embark on one final mission in...

Which Celeb Is Wearing This Baboon Mask?

10/30/2010 1:30pm EDT
Leonardo Dicaprio
What a Baboon! One of our favorite Hollywood hotties tried to smoke a cigar through his Halloween mask last night. The "Shutter Island" actor was outside a private Halloween party in Beverly Hills.

It's Leonardo DiCaprio!

Starpulse movie expert Jonathan Teigland believes Leo may receive an Oscar nomination for his work on "Inception." Visionary filmmaker Christopher Nolan ("Memento," "The Dark Knight") wrote and directed the psychological sci-fi action film about a thief who possesses the power to enter into the dreams of others.

J.J. Abrams Teams Up With 'Dark Knight' Writer For A Television Crime-Thriller

9/9/2010 1:15pm EDT
J.J. Abrams
Holy dream team Batman! Geek powerhouse J.J. Abrams is reportedly teaming up with Jonah Nolan to shop around a crime-thriller that Nolan wrote. If you haven’t heard of Jonah Nolan but think his name sounds familiar, that’s because he is Christopher Nolan’s brother and helped write 'The Dark Knight', 'The Prestige' and also wrote a short story that 'Memento' was based off of.

That’s enough right there to make anyone want to work with this guy. Throw in Abrams and I’m sure all the studios are clamoring to secure this project A.S.A.P.! No title has been given to the project yet but I’m ...

'Vanilla Sky' Voted Most Confusing Movie

7/22/2010 8:13am EDT
Vanilla Sky
Tom Cruise's confusing movie Vanilla Sky has been branded the most baffling film in a new poll. The 2001 movie, which stars Cruise as a playboy left horrifically disfigured after a crash, was the film which left audiences most perplexed by its plot.

According to the survey by, David Lynch's surreal thriller Mulholland Drive was voted into second place, while the sinister rabbit in Donnie Darko prompted cinema-goers to put it at number three.

The top five brow-furrowing films were rounded out by The Matrix Revolutions and Christopher Nolan's Memento.

Other movies to make t...

Ten Greatest Entertainers of the Decade

12/18/2009 9:39am EST
Greatest Entertainers of the Decade
This week, we've brought you the Ten Greatest TV Shows, Songs, Albums and Movies of the Decade. Now it's time to roll it all into one with the Ten Greatest Entertainers of the Decade.

This was a decade where entertainment became increasingly fractured. With 500 channels 500 bazillion websites and every medium on-demand, bringing together any significant chunk of people to one thing was a true sign of greatness. In an era when nobody had to agree - making them agree took something beyond the level of entertainer we saw in the past.

With that in mind, here are the Ten Greatest Entert...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 5

10/5/2009 3:00am EDT
Kate Winslet
Happy Birthday to:

The Reader star Kate Winslet (1975)

Hotel heiress Nicky Hilton (1983)

Memento star Guy Pearce (1967)

Actor Daniel Baldwin (which one is he?)(1960)

Ccomedian Bernie Mac (1958; d. 2008)

Musician / humanitarian Bob Geldof (1954)

British horror author Clive Barker (1952)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull actress Karen Allen (1951)

Taxi star Jeff Conaway (1950)

Bandleader Steve Miller (1943)

Actress Diahann Carroll (1935)

Actor Donald Pleasence (1919)

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Point/Counterpoint: Should M. Night Shyamalan Stop Making Films?

7/11/2008 9:52am EDT
M. Night Shyamalan
When somebody mentions the name M. Night Shyamalan it evokes an immediate reaction. For some it's, "He's the guy who did The Sixth Sense, which was great," and for others it's, "Yeah, but his last few films sucked."

Two Starpulse writers have their own opinions about Shyamalan and whether he is just gearing up for further success or whether it's time for him to call it quits:


Alright, people need to lay off M. Night Shyamalan. Sure he is a little cocky (He stated that The village was one of the greatest ideas ever) and his films have seemed to have dipped in quality, b...

Our Favorite Canadian Actors

7/3/2008 9:47am EDT
Pamela Anderson
Given that the United States and Canada closely share days of pride in their country on the calendar, it seemed only logical to single out the many wonderful people that our neighbors to the north have proudly shared for all to enjoy. Following are some of the many comedic, talented, and gorgeous celebrity men and women that call Canada "home."


Dan Aykroyd

Born in Ottawa, Ontario on July 1 (Canada Day!), Aykroyd's face has been seen on many a movie screen. He started his comedy with Second City Stage Troupe in Toronto and moved on to pursue an acting caree...

Movie Season Is Just Heating Up: 10 More Flicks To Watch This Summer

5/27/2008 9:58am EDT
Iron Man has already grossed over $400 million worlwide. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull became the second biggest Memorial Day movie opening ever. With both of these films already in the books, what are the top 10 remaining summer movies to see? This list picks 10 films out of all the remaining movies from now until the end of August. Judging by this list, July looks like it could be one of the biggest months in years.

10. The Incredible Hulk

Release Date: June 13th

Director: Louis Leterrier (Transporter 1 & 2)

It is never a good sign when a franchise n...

Joe Pantoliano Discusses His Recent Film 'The Amateurs'

1/10/2008 10:14am EST
Joe Pantoliano
Everyone knows that sex sells in America, with entire careers in mainstream entertainment being built around sex tapes, Playboy spreads, and cleavage. So when it comes to satire, there's no better a medium than pornography, a topic that intrigues as much as it polarizes. In The Amateurs, a group of small town friends begin a journey to make a stag-film, and Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, The Sopranos, Memento) is Some Idiot, the autistic auteur who takes on the project. Starpulse spoke with Joey Pants about The Amateurs and the various issues it explores, including stereotypes, relationships, ...

The Sensuality, Style And Vivacious Spark Of 'Factory Girl' Arrives On DVD July 17

7/4/2007 1:00pm EDT
Factory Girl
SANTA MONICA, CA - Detailing the rise and fall of Edie Sedgwick - the blazing mid-sixties superstar, the "It Girl," the muse to eccentric artist Andy Warhol - the unrated director's cut of Factory Girl comes to DVD on July 17 from Genius Products LLC. and The Weinstein Company.

Powerful performances from Sienna Miller (Alfie, Casanova) and Guy Pearce (Memento, L.A. Confidential), combined with a riveting multi-media collage of actual footage including archival tapes, still photos, and scenes from Warhol's movies, Factory Girl brings to life Sedgwick's ascension to the quintessential ic...