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Marvin's Room Summary

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Years ago, the fiercely independent Lee took off for Ohio, while her older sister Bessie returned to the family's Florida home to look after their bedridden father Marvin and his lovably child-like sister Ruth. In Bessie's words, Marvin has been dying slowly for the past twenty years... just to make sure she doesn't miss anything. But after a talk with Dr. Wally, Bessie realizes that the family caregiver needs a little loving herself. Lee, on the other hand, has troubles of her own--starting with her mischievous son Hank, who has a knack for burning down the neighborhood when she's not looking. It's been seventeen years since her last visit, but after an unexpected call from Bessie, Lee's packing up Hank and his younger brother Charlie for the trip home. After years apart and a lifetime of differences, Lee, Bessie and the whole family are about to discover that after nearly 20 years apart, it is still possible to start fresh.