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Now Playing: World War Z Official Trailer 2 2013 + Trailer Review : HD PLUS Man of Steel - Teaser Trailer with Kevin Costner (HD)
2012-07-22 Man of Steel (Trailer 1) [FULL HD]
2014-04-17 Captain America Beat Superman! Midnight Screening Sales Smash Summer Blockbuster Man Of Steel's Numb...
2014-04-04 Kaley Cuoco Talks Exes Henry Cavill And Johnny Galecki
2014-04-01 Superman With A GoPro - What It's Like To Fly - Soren's Playlist
2014-03-28 Batman vs Superman 2016, Justice League 2017 - DC Cinematic Universe LOVE - Beyond The Trailer
2014-03-08 Clarifying Batman vs Superman 2016 and Justice League 2017, Rabbids Movie! - Beyond The Trailer
2014-03-07 Zack Snyder Talks 'Batman Vs Superman' Casting
2014-03-05 Kids Movie Awards - Movie Villain- Vote Now
2014-02-13 Kids Movie Awards - Superhero Movie - Vote Now
2014-02-13 Batman Superman 2016 vs Jon Hamm as Dr Strange 2016?! - Beyond The Trailer
2014-02-04 Top Ten Movies of 2013 : Disney's Frozen, Pacific Rim, 12 Years a Slave - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-30 Wonder Woman is Kryptonian in 2015? Zoe Saldana set for NBC's Rosemary's Baby! - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-30 Top Ten Movies of 2013 : Catching Fire, The Desolation of Smaug, Man of Steel - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-27 Hugh Jackman for Pan 2015, Batman vs Superman or Justice League?! - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-21 Batman vs Superman 2016 : DC Cinematic Universe DOOMED?! - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-19 Amy Adams Poses With Superman Outside Of Jimmy Kimmel Live!
2014-01-08 'Iron Man 3' Tops 2013 Box Office
2014-01-05 Best Action Movies of 2013
2013-12-24 Five Highest Grossing Films of 2013
2013-12-23 Gal Gadot Is Cast as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Sequel
2013-12-05 Batman and Superman Just Beginning Of DC Movie Future
2013-12-04 Star Wars Episode 7 hits December 18th 2015, Nightwing joins Batman Superman - Beyond The Trailer
2013-11-29 Man of Steel Feature: Planet Krypton - The Phantom Zone
2013-11-26 Man of Steel (Blu-ray Clip Wire Work) [FULL HD]
2013-11-20 Russell Crowe impressed by set Man of Steel
2013-11-18 Man of Steel Clip: All Out Action
2013-11-15 Man of Steel Clip: Journey of Discovery
2013-11-15 Kevin Tsujihara - Batman Superman 2015, Fantastic Beasts : Beyond The Trailer
2013-11-12 Superman 75th Anniversary Short Review, Daredevil&Punisher Marvel Movie? - Beyond The Trailer
2013-11-11 Man of Steel Feature: All Out Action - Flying
2013-11-03 Former Batgirl Alicia Silverstone Supports Ben Affleck As Batman
2013-10-31 Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day
2013-10-31 Wonder Woman in Batman Superman 2015? Constantine TV Series at NBC! - Beyond The Trailer
2013-10-23 Man of Steel 75th Anniversary Short
2013-10-19 Henry Cavill Reunites With Ex-girlfriend Gina Carano In Italy
2013-10-09 George Clooney Responds to Batfleck Casting
2013-09-27 'Superman Vs Batman' to Film In Detroit
2013-08-29 Ben Affleck Playing Batman
2013-08-26 “Southland” Star Talks Dark New Film
2013-08-23 'Man of Steel' Blu-Ray Details Revealed
2013-08-21 Legendary Entertainment Trades 'Man of Steel 2' For 'Interstellar'
2013-08-15 Actors Eyed For Lex Luthor in 'Superman Vs. Batman'?
2013-08-10 Discussing Superman Vs. Batman Movie
2013-07-31 Superman & Batman
2013-07-25 Pitch Perfect VS Twilight at Teen Choice Awards
2013-07-17 'Man of Steel' and 'The Heat' Lead Teen Choice Award Nominations
2013-07-16 ‘Man of Steel’ Actor Michael Shannon on Playing Diabolical Roles
2013-07-15 Henry Cavill Talks 'Justice League' Movie
2013-06-26 Man of Steel 2 Vs. Justice League Movie
2013-06-22 Are Trailers Ruining Movies?
2013-06-21 The Hard Truth About Superman Selling Out
2013-06-20 Young Superman: Dylon Sprayberry on Being Henry Cavill’s Mini
2013-06-17 Moviefone Live!: Man Of Steel & This Is The End
2013-06-14 Moviefone Live!: Man Of Steel
2013-06-14 "Man Of Steel" Movie Trailer Review: Cornelius At The Cinema
2013-06-14 At The Movies: Man Of Steel, This Is The End
2013-06-14 You Review: Man of Steel
2013-06-14 Weekend Movie Preview - 06/13/2013
2013-06-13 'Man of Steel' Unscripted - Complete Interview
2013-06-08 'Man of Steel' Unscripted - Amy Asks Henry: Just How Tight Is the Suit?
2013-06-08 'Man of Steel' Unscripted - Henry and Amy on How Superman Shaves
2013-06-08 'Man of Steel' Unscripted - Henry Cavill Talks Working With Michael Shannon
2013-06-08 Kevin Smith on Superman Blockbuster 'Man of Steel'
2013-06-04 Henry Cavill on Filming New Superman Movie in Chicago
2013-06-04 Kevin Smith Talks 'Man Of Steel'
2013-06-03 Henry Cavill on Being Superman
2013-06-03 Man of Steel -Trailer No.4
2013-05-22 Man of Steel- Trailer No. 3
2013-04-17 The Latest Trailer For "Man Of Steel" Is Released
2013-04-17 Man of Steel Trailer Official (HD)
2012-12-21 Man of Steel - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-12 Man of Steel - Trailer No. 2
2012-12-12 New "Man of Steel" Trailer Promises Introspective "Superman"
2012-12-12 Man of Steel: Visualizing a Modern Superman
2012-12-06 Your First Look At 'Man Of Steel'
2012-07-23 IGN Weekly 'Wood: Pacific Rim
2012-07-22 Dark Knight Rises Director Christopher Nolan Says No to Justice League Movie
2012-07-11 "Dark Knight Rises" Director Christopher Nolan Says No to "Justice League" Movie

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