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In 1927, fleeing persecution, a Russian Jewish girl named Fegele is bundled off on a boat to England. Fegele is re-named Suzie, sent to a Christian foster home and to school where she learns to sing. 10 years later she leaves England for Paris, where she becomes a chorus girl and befriends ambitious dancer Lola. Together Lola and Suzie find jobs in a new opera company. Suzie falls in love with gypsy horse-handler Cesar, while Lola falls for Dante Dominio, an arrogant opera singer. When the German army invades Paris, Dante and Lola immediately collaborate with the Nazis, while Suzie joins Cesar and his band of gypsy musicians. The Nazis have plans to round up the Jews and the Gypsies. When Dante betrays Suzie, Lola decides to leave him: she tells Suzie that she will help them both get out. Suzie wants to stay and fight, but eventually agrees to leave. Once in America, Suzie continues her search for her father, which finally leads her to Hollywood...