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Mallrats Cast and Crew

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Shannen Doherty - Rene
Jeremy London - T S Quint
Jason Lee - Brodie
Claire Forlani - Brandi
Ben Affleck - Shannon
Joey Lauren Adams - Gwen
Renee Humphrey - Tricia
Jason Mewes - Jay
Ethan Suplee - Willam
Stan Lee - Himself
Priscilla Barnes - Ivannah
Michael Rooker - Jared Svenning
Carol Banker - Security Guard
Steven Blackwell - Arresting Cop No 2
Kyle Boe - Pull Toy Kid
David Brinkley - TV Executive No 1
Walter Flanagan - Fan at Comic Store
Ethan Flower - Guy Contestant
Chelsea Frye - Girl with Easter Bunny
Jeff Gadbois - TV Executive No 2
Ed Hapstack - Guy Contestant No 2
Terry Hempleman - Cop No 1
Art James - Game Show Host
Bryan Johnson - Employee at Comic Store
Mikey Kovar - Child at Kiosk No 2
David Klein - Fan at Comic Store
Scott Mosier - Roddy
Crystal Murhead-Manik - Saleslady at Lingerie Store
Tyson Nassauer - Kid at Poster Kiosk
Brian Christopher O'Halloran - Gill
Aaron Preusse - Passerby in Park Lot
Kevin Smith - Silent Bob
Britt Swenson - Child at Kiosk #1
Sven-Ole Thorsen - La Fours
Mary Woolever - Teacher
Brad Fox - Member--Team La Fours
Gino Gori - Member--Team La Fours
Zach Perkins - Member--Team La Fours
Brad Giddings - Member--Team La Fours
Bryce Mack - Member--Team La Fours
Christopher O'Larkin - Member--Team La Fours
Kevin Smith
Jim Jacks
Sean Daniel
Scott Mosier
Kevin Smith