Mahogany Cast and Crew

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Diana Ross - Tracy Chambers--'Mahogany'
Billy Dee Williams - Brian Walker
Anthony Perkins - Sean McAvoy
Jean-Pierre Aumont - Christiano Rosetti
Beah Richards - Florence
Nina Foch - Miss Evans
Marisa Mell - Carlotta Gavina
Lenard Norris - Wil
Jerome Arnold - Campaign Worker
Pemon Rami - Campaign Worker
Ira Rogers - Stalker
Kristine Cameron - Instructress
Ted Liss - Sweatshop Foreman
Bruce Vilanch - Dress Manufacturer
Don Howard - Dress Manufacturer
Albert Rosenberg - Dress Manufacturer
Marvin Corman - Cab Driver
E Rodney Jones - Radio Announcer
Daniel Daniele - Giuseppe
Jacques Stany - Auctioneer at Fashion Show
Achille Brunini - Salesman
Edward Van Sycle - Ad Agency Executive
Gianni DiBenedetto - Ad Agency Executive
Roger Bill Brown - Ad Agency Executive
Michael Colton - Ad Agency Executive
C Mitchell - Ad Agency Executive
Berry Gordy
Rob Cohen
Jack Ballard
Neil Hartley
John Byrum
Toni Amber