Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Cast and Crew

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Ben Stiller - Alex
Chris Rock - Marty
Jada Pinkett Smith - Gloria
David Schwimmer - Melman
Sacha Baron Cohen - Julien
Cedric The Entertainer - Maurice
Andy Richter - Mort
Frances McDormand - Captain Chantel DuBois
Jessica Chastain - Gia
Bryan Cranston - Vitaly
Martin Short - Stefano
Chris Miller - Kowalski
Christopher Knights - Private
Vinnie Jones - Freddie the Dog
Steve Jones - Jonesy the Dog
Nick Fletcher - Frankie the Dog
Paz Vega - Horses
Frank Welker - Sonya
Danny Jacobs - Croupier, Circus Master
Dan O'Connor - Casino Security, Mayor Of New York City
Tom McGrath - First Policeman
Conrad Vernon - Second Policeman
Eric Darnell - Comandante, Zoo Official, Zoo Announcer
Stephen Kearin - Fourth Policeman
Emily Nordwind - Zoo Official
Asucena Jimenez - Kid In Crowd
Eric Darnell
Conrad Vernon
Tom McGrath
Mireille Soria
Mark Swift
Chad Hammes
Holly Edwards
Eric Darnell
Noah Baumbach

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