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Forgotten Friday Flick – Do You Remember Christian Bale In 'The Machinist'

7/31/2015 12:20pm EDT
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'The Machinist'
Having recently sat through the very fluffy ‘could have been directed by anybody’ Marvel flick "Ant-Man" (no Edgar Wright – what a waste!) it seemed a good time to highlight a past helming master of mood to remind folks that a good director does indeed make a difference – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Today we’re going back to the early work of a filmmaker who burst onto the scene with much picture prowess. A taunt little thriller about a guy who can’t seem to get his life on track and yearns to understand why, this fabulous flick features not only stark staging, but also a captivati...

Celebrities Who Lost A Lot Weight For Their Roles

11/30/2010 4:00pm EST
The Black Swan
Some actors and actresses are completely dedicated to their craft - just look at Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, who both shed some serious weight for their roles as rival ballerinas in Black Swan. However, they are just a few of many stars that lost pounds to perfect their characters.

Mila Kunis dropped to 95 pounds, and Natalie Portman was beginning to scare Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky with her thin looks. Mila said at the time, "I could see why this industry is so f**ked up, because at 95 pounds, I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like, 'Oh my God!"


50 Cent Used Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, And Christian Bale For Weight-Loss Inspiration

5/30/2010 4:00pm EDT
Rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent looked to Hollywood stars Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, and Christian Bale for inspiration as he embarked on a drastic weight loss regime for new movie Things Fall Apart.

The In Da Club hitmaker plays an American footballer who is diagnosed with cancer in the film, which he wrote based on a friend's tragic battle with the disease.

The hip-hop star, who survived on a liquid diet, lost 54 pounds for the role and stunned fans earlier this week when he posted photos of his skeletal image online.

In an accompanying post, titled '50 Cent's Shocking Slim-Down!', 50 ...

Sexiest Superheroes - Who Is Your Favorite?

3/6/2009 9:25am EST
Iron Man
Let's face it: the movies aren't the only places that make sure their main characters are young, thin, and attractive. Even nerdy Peter Parker is a hottie behind his glasses, and every member of the Justice League in DC Comics looks like they could be a model as well as a hero. So put together the badass nature of comic book heroes with the sexiest actors of today, and what do you have? The sexiest super heroes in film! Who do you think should make the list?

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight)

Broody, obsessive, and intense, there's no doubting that Bruc...

Ten Underrated Thrillers

10/17/2008 10:12am EDT
The Descent
Horror movies are some of the most consistent pieces of the film industry. Sure there have been highs and lows in the genre, and resurgences have come and gone, but one thing remains true: people will always yearn for those cinematic chills.

The demand, however big it may be, is always constant. The golden age of cinema through the 60s brought on big studio monster movies, sly noir thrillers, and of course, Hitchcockian suspense (a subgenre, respectively). The 1970s, arguably the paramount epoch of cinema, period, saw the expansion of the genre and gave filmgoers some of the best nail...

Starpulse's Top 10 Most Horrifying Films

10/16/2007 11:36am EDT
Elm Street
Most people confuse horror and horrifying. Believe me, I’m a fan of the classics: Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and so on. I enjoy my share of zombies, gore, masked villains and horny teenagers who never seem to learn that getting some means certain death.

However, the horror films that interest me the most are the ones that I can’t watch again or can’t watch very often. When something is truly horrifying, it should screw with you psychologically and make your skin crawl. Here are my "Top 10 Most Horrifying Films."

10. 28 Days Later (2002)

“Plans are poi...