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Home > Movies > L > Liz & Dick > Videos Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Can't Give Up Candy Craving In Rehab
2013-07-07 Lindsay Lohan found UNCONSCIOUS in a hotel room
2013-05-30 Lindsay Lohan's Embarrassing Dress at"Liz and Dick"Premiere
2013-05-30 Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty to car crash charges
2013-01-15 James Franco Tried To Help Lindsay Lohan: Why She's Doomed!
2012-12-20 Lindsay Lohan hits the pink carpet - HOLLYWOOD.TV
2012-12-13 Lady Gaga Sticks Up For Lindsay Lohan
2012-11-27 Lindsay Lohan Asks For Her Own TV Show
2012-11-26 Lindsay Lohan Devastated Over 'Liz&Dick' Hate
2012-11-26 Lindsay Lohans Liz Taylor Highlights and Lowlights
2012-11-26 Michael Lohan Critiques Lindsay's 'Liz&Dick' Performance
2012-11-26 Lindsay Lohan - Liz and Dick The Reviews Are In
2012-11-21 Lindsay Lohan Says She Will Win An Oscar
2012-11-21 Lindsay Lohan stars as Elizabeth Taylor in"Liz&Dick"
2012-11-21 Lohan says timing wasn't right for Walters interview
2012-11-21 Lindsay Lohan's New Movie 'Liz&Dick' Gets Horrible Reviews
2012-11-19 Lindsay Lohan Cancels Barbara Walters Interview Over Personal Questions
2012-11-09 Beyonce gets Super Bowl show; Fey and Poehler to host Globes

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