Live Bait

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Release Date: January 01, 1995Running Time: 84 mins.
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Tom Schlote
Kevin McNulty
Babz Chula
David Lovgren

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Trevor, MacIntosh, an aloof cynical 23-year-old who just recently graduated from university is experiencing some identity problems. Still a virgin during his supposed sexual prime, Trevor is confounded by sex. His boyish cuteness and disarming manner draw women to him like flies to honey, but he finds himself erectionally challenged by their urgent advances. His persistent sexual dysfunction invites speculation: Is he a voyeur? A closet case? An axe murderer? The mists shrouding Trevor's perception of himself begin to lift when he takes a job as an assistant to Charlotte Peacock, a vibrant, irrepressible and seductive 65-year-old installation artist...