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Lions for Lambs Cast and Crew

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Robert Redford - Professor Stephen Malley
Tom Cruise - Senator Jasper Irving
Meryl Streep - Janine Roth
Michael Peña - Ernest Rodriguez
Derek Luke - Arian Finch
Andrew Garfield - Todd Hayes
Peter Berg - Lieutenant Colonel Falco
Kevin Dunn - ANX Editor
Larry Bates - Soldier
Christopher May - Soldier
David Pease - Soldier
Heidi Janson - Soldier
Christopher Carley - Sniper
George Back - Student
Kristy Wu - Student
Bo Brown - Student
Josh Zuckerman - Student
Samanthia Carroll - Student
Chris Jordan - Student
Angela Stefanelli - Student
John Reynolds - Skinny
Paula Rhodes - Summer – ANX News Reporter
Muna Otaru - Nervous Student
Clay Wilcox - Crew Chief
Sarayu Rao - Senator Irving's Receptionist
Amanda Loncar - Young Assistant
Richard Burns - Senate Employee
Kevin Collins - Ranger
Candace Moon - Fate
Chris Hoffman - Bully Dog
Louise Linton - Skin Care Consultant
Jennifer Sommerfield - Talk Show Host # 1
Wynonna Smith - Talk Show Host # 2
Babar Peerzada - Afghan Fighter
Wade Harlan - Helicopter Pilot
Paul Adams - Helicopter Pilot
Michael Peoples - Veteran Soldier
Robert Redford
Andrew Hauptman
Matthew Michael Carnahan
Tracy Falco
Robert Redford
Daniel Lupi
Gretchen Libby
Bill Holderman
Matthew Michael Carnahan