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Review: Dark And Twisted 'Leap Year' Saved By One Fearless Performer

6/30/2011 12:12pm EDT
Leap Year photo
Not to be confused with the Amy Adams romantic comedy, this Mexican import looks at the other side of that lighthearted coin – namely sex, humiliation and a ton of sadomasochism. Trying to capitalize on the same erotic and neurotic tone ala Bernardo Bertolucci via "Last Tango in Paris," "Leap Year" is unfortunately a flawed film that owes everything to one fearless performer.

Monica del Carmen plays Laura, a journalist who lives by herself in a very small and cramped Mexico City apartment. Day to day life has become a series of uneventful trips, mundane tasks and an exercise in sheer and...

Amy Adams' Pink Cocktail Dress - Hot Or Not?

10/2/2010 6:00pm EDT
Amy Adams
Amy Adams was pretty in pink at the 2nd Annual Variety Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills on Thursday. The "Leap Year" star wore a pink Roland Mouret cocktail dress which nicely complemented and brought out the blue of her eyes.

Amy looks great, considering she gave birth less than five months ago to daughter Aviana Olea.

In recent news, it was announce that she signed on to play Janis Joplin in upcoming biopic "Get It While You Can."

The film will be helmed by "City of God" director Fernando Meirelles.

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Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me' Clothes To Be Sold For Charity

3/11/2010 5:00pm EST
Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson's fans will soon be able to get their hands on the actor's clothes - the costumes he wore in new movie "Remember Me" are to be sold off for charity.

The items, which include a blue Prada suit and Birkenstock shoes, will go under the hammer on internet auction site on March 13th.

Premiere Props' Movie Prop Extravaganza sale also includes items from Pattinson's co-stars - a pair of denim shorts worn by Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan's grey suit - and memorabilia from other movies including "The Blind Side," "The Book of Eli" and "Leap Year."

Proceeds ...

Matthew Goode Slams 'Leap Year'

2/24/2010 11:53am EST
Matthew Goode
Matthew Goode has slammed his new movie Leap Year as "turgid" - insisting the Amy Adams movie will be labeled "the worst film of 2010." The Brit plays the Enchanted star's love interest in the new romantic comedy, which tells the story of an American woman traveling to Dublin, Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on February 29th during a leap year.

However, Goode insists he only took the role because the shoot was filming on location close to his home in Britain.

He says, "It's turgid. I just know that there are a lot of people who will say it is the worst film of 2010. (The location) wa...

January: The Worst Month For Cinema

1/8/2010 10:35am EST
The Worst Month for Cinema
January truly is the worst month for film. In fact, January is the equivalent of the second string JV team in high school. Its sole purpose is to warm the benches for the upcoming seasons.

The month sometimes holds a few kernels of popcorn goodness. The two genres that perform well, or at least have been granted a few sleeper hits in the past decade, are thrillers and sci-fi/horror. Last year 'Taken' and 'My Bloody Valentine 3D' were stars among flops in January. Typically, as rabid consumers of cinema, we forget about January. Honestly, do any of you fondly remember titles like, '...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Daybreakers,' 'Youth In Revolt' & More

1/4/2010 9:44am EST
A belated Happy New Year to all. I hope you each had happy holidays and got a chance to view all of the movies you wanted to see.

I haven't seen James Cameron's "Avatar" yet, although it's the top movie on my list right now. I've heard the film showcases some impressive visual effects, but that its dialogue and character development are not as strong. Regardless, I'm still anxious to see for myself.

2010 starts out with the release of "Daybreakers," "Youth in Revolt," "Leap Year," "Crazy on the Outside," "Wonderful World," and "Bitch Slap."


By 2017 a plague has ...

Movies To Watch In Early 2010

12/17/2009 10:00am EST
Shutter Island
2009 is starting to wrap up with a few big blockbusters left for the Christmas season, but now it is time to look forward into 2010 to see what's coming up. The early months of a year may usually be quiet for movie goers, but there are some great new films releasing in January, February, and March. Take a look at the films you'll be wanting to buy tickets for in early 2010!

January (in order of release date)

"Daybreakers," rated R, is being released January 8th and stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Sam Neill. This movie is taking advantage of the current vampire popularity, but thi...