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Land Girls Cast and Crew

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Catherine McCormack - Stella
Rachel Weisz - Ag
Anna Friel - Prue
Steven MacKintosh - Joe Lawrence
Tom Georgeson - Mr Lawrence
Maureen O'Brien - Mrs Lawrence
Lucy Akhurst - Janet
Gerald Down - Ratty
Paul Bettany - Philip
Nick Mollo - Barry
Michael Mantas - Desmond
Nicholas Le Prevost - Agricultural Officer
Celia Bannerman - District Commissioner
Ann Bell - Philip's Mother
Nigel Planer - Gerald
Edmund Moriarty - Harry--the Airman
Shirley Newbery - WAAF at Dance
Russell Barr - Jamie--Scottish Airman
John Gill - Doctor
Crispin Layfield - German Pilot/Stunt Artist
Grace Leland - Baby Barry
Reverend Alan Bennett - Himself
Martha Mackintosh - Child at Christening
Felix Davis - Child at Christening
Jacob Leland - Child at Christening
Jack O'Hampton - Jack--the Dog
David Leland
Simon Relph
Ruth Jackson
Andrew Warren
David Leland
Keith Dewhurst
Angela Huth