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Lady in the Water



Lady in the Box

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Release Date: May 11, 2001Running Time: 104 mins.
Genre: Thriller

Darren E Burrows
Robert Knepper
Paige Rowland
Mark Sheppard

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It's a dark night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the shore of one of the great lakes, and Jerry is bragging to best friend Chris that he's got a sexy new girlfriend who wants to experiment with handcuffs. Jerry's also just received his own boat, and business is going well at the bar he's a 'tender at. A strange, manic patron with a pocketful of twenties stays through last call and wins a load of cash from Jerry on a series of bets; then offers Jerry a chance to get all of his money back and more--with a catch. All Jerry has to do is take his boat out to the center of the lake and throw a trunk and it's mysterious contents overboard--no questions asked. His desire for money taking over, Jerry re... Full Summary >>