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Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer Cast and Crew

Heather Graham - Aunt Opal
Jordana Beatty - Judy Moody
Parris Mosteller - Stink
Preston Bailey - Frank Pearl
Jaleel White - Mr. Todd
Janet Varney - Mom
Kristoffer Ryan Winters - Dad
Garrett Ryan - Rocky
Ashley Boettcher - Jessica Finch
Taylar Hender - Amy
Cameron Boyce - Hunter
Jenica Bergere - Rocky's Mom
Jackson Odell - Zeke
Doug MacMillan - Trey-Paul Nevreby
Dean Cameron - Animated Reporter/Town Hall Official
Ashley Jackson - Maddy
Pedro Shanahan - Mohawk Man
Jenn Korbee - Newscaster
Robert Costanzo - Herb
Sharon Sachs - Rose
Cable Magness - Bouncy Castle Boy
Frank Caronna - Surf Instructor
Norwood Cheek - Vampire Ticket Seller
Bobbi Sue Luther - Young Woman
Camryn Magness - Zombie Cheerleader
James A McManus - Zombie Movie Narrator
Brian Palermo - Zombie
Megan Franich - Ivy the Ticket Taker
Richard Riehle - Ringmaster
& Tails - Mouse
Rainbow - Blue & Gold Macaw
John Schultz
Sarah Siegel-Magness
Gary Magness
Bobbi Sue Luther
Andrew Sugerman
Kathy Waugh
Megan McDonald