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Megan Fox Wears Sexy Thigh-High Boots While Christmas Shopping In West Hollywood

12/1/2011 9:00am EST
Megan Fox
We spotted Megan Fox shopping for some Christmas gifts at Madison boutique in West Hollywood yesterday. The actress wore brown leather heeled boots, black stretch pants, and a gray sweater.

Megan recently made her Broadway debut. Earlier this month she participated in "The 24 Hour Plays," which gave a group of actors, writers and directors 24 hours to come up with a script and prepare it for the stage. She starred in short play "The Maid" opposite Paul Bettany, Sarah Silverman and Tracy Morgan.

Megan stars in several upcoming films such as "This is Forty," "The Dictator" and "Fathom." H...

Megan Fox To Star In 'Knocked Up' Sequel?

3/17/2011 9:11am EDT
Megan Fox
"Transformers" beauty Megan Fox is swapping action for comedy - she's in talks to star in the sequel to Judd Apatow's box office hit "Knocked Up."

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are set to reprise their roles in the 2007 film, which originally featured Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl as expectant parents dealing with the consequences of a one-night stand. Rudd enjoyed a supporting role as Heigl's onscreen brother-in-law, with Mann, Apatow's real-life spouse, playing his movie wife.

Details about the role Fox is in negotiations for have not been released, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Leads Razzie Awards Nominations

1/24/2011 10:00am EST
The Twilight Saga Eclipse
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is leading this year's Golden Raspberry Awards after scoring nine nominations for the upcoming ceremony, which names and shames the worst movies.

The popular vampire sequel is on the shortlist for Worst Picture, while Kristen Stewart is up for the Worst Actress trophy and the film's lead male stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are set to battle it out for Worst Actor.

Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper in the blood-sucking series, picked up two nominations for Worst Supporting Actor - one for his role in the latest Twilight project and another for his p...

Check Out 'Jonah Hex' On Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand & Download

10/15/2010 6:56am EDT
Jonah Hex
1970s-era DC antihero Jonah Hex makes his way to the big screen as co-screenwriters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor ("Crank," "Gamer") team to follow the disfigured gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter on his biggest adventure yet.

Supernatural elements combine with Western aesthetics to take viewers on a wild and bloody ride, with Josh Brolin leading the way as Hex and John Malkovich stepping into the villainous role of Turnbull. Jimmy Hayward ("Horton Hears a Who") directs.

Out of the pages of the legendary comics and graphic novels steps Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin), a scarred drifter and...

Megan Fox Eager To See 'Transformers 3'

9/19/2010 7:51pm EDT
Megan Fox
Megan Fox is planning to see the next "Transformers" movie - but admits it will be "weird" seeing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Shia LaBeouf's love interest.

The actress opted out of the third film earlier this year following ongoing criticism from crew members about her working attitude on the first two pictures.

British model Huntington-Whiteley was announced as the new female lead - and the brunette beauty is eager to see her replacement on the big screen when the film hits theatres in 2011.

Fox tells MTV News, "I will see it. I'm gonna see it. I might be a little jealous when I see so...

Megan Fox: 'I Hate Being Told I'm Talented'

7/28/2010 8:22am EDT
Megan Fox
Hollywood siren Megan Fox is suspicious of people handing out compliments.

She explained, "Everyone blows sunshine up everyone else's a**. I hate receiving compliments; I hate being told I'm talented or people think I'm going to be a movie star. I always feel that it's forced and fake."

Meanwhile, her latest film, "Jonah Hex," was a box office bomb. Last month the comic book adaptation only managed to enter the box office chart at number eight, taking just $5.3 million. The film was not just a financial failure - it was panned by critics too.

So maybe she's smart for not believing peopl...

Trailer Talk: This Week in Movies - 'Grown Ups,' 'Knight and Day,' & More

6/21/2010 9:04am EDT
Grown Ups
I saw two films from last week’s line up: “Toy Story 3” and “Jonah Hex.” As expected “Toy Story 3” was absolutely amazing. Pixar continues to surprise me by making entertaining films that are both funny and poignant at the same time. I’m always impressed by their ability to create a story that appeals to people of all ages.

The latest installment in the franchise has Woody, Buzz, and the gang struggling to figure out what to do now that Andy is leaving for college. When they are accidentally donated to a local day care center, the pals plan an escape back to their owner. On the way th...

'Toy Story 3' Makes $109 Million On Opening Weekend

6/21/2010 8:15am EDT
Toy Story 3
Buzz Lightyear has helped "Toy Story 3" rocket to the top of the box office chart, with an impressive opening weekend haul of $109 million.

Disney Pixar's animated sequel, featuring the voice of Tom Hanks as Woody the cowboy, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear and Michael Keaton as Ken Doll, knocked "The Karate Kid" remake into number two, with second week profits of $29 million.

The martial arts movie, starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, now boasts a $106.3 million total after 10 days on release.

"The A-Team" is in third place with $13.8 million, while comedy "Get Him to the Greek" and "Shre...

'Jonah Hex' - Does It Have Box Office Appeal?

6/18/2010 12:52pm EDT
Comic book movies have really taken over the past few years, and it has encouraged writers to go looking for any character or graphic novel that hadn't yet been adapted to the screen. That must be the reason that Jonah Hex ever saw the light of day, because this dark and disjointed DC Comics character really does not seem like the best choice for a movie adaptation. He's horrifically scarred, cynical and bad tempered, and how many years has it been since a western really did well at the box office? The movie set was fraught with trouble, and it is already getting incredibly low scores from ...

We Don't Care How Bad 'Jonah Hex' Is - Megan Fox's Cleavage Makes Us Want To Go See It

6/18/2010 12:15pm EDT
Megan Fox
Megan Fox showed off quite a bit of her (awesome) cleavage in a red dress at the "Jonah Hex" Los Angeles premiere yesterday. The low-cut gown featured a rose cinched in the middle of her waist.

The actress looks pretty comfortable in the dress, unlike the corset she had to wear in her new film. She explained, "You can't eat in it because your stomach doesn't expand. You can't drink anything in it either. I made the mistake of having a mocha with cream on top. That was a really bad idea. It was really like a torture device...but I got used to it pretty fast."

Megan wore a large ring on h...

Megan Fox Says 'Jonah Hex' Corset Was 'Like A Torture Device'

6/17/2010 8:35am EDT
Megan Fox
Megan Fox defied movie bosses' advice on the set of Jonah Hex - she wore her corsets so tight, crew members were convinced she would pass out.

The sexy star wore a super-tight body piece for the shoot, against producers' advice - and the actress admits it made her feel "empowered".

She tells Britain's The Sun, "They (bosses) never wanted to suck me in all the way because they were worried it was going to be too tight. They were concerned I was going to faint. But I always wanted it as tight as it would possibly go. I liked it - it was kind of empowering, to be truthful."

However, Fox'...

Josh Brolin Says Sex Scene With Megan Fox Was 'Horribly Awkward'

6/15/2010 10:33am EDT
Josh Brolin
Josh Brolin recently reflected on his love scenes with Megan Fox in new action movie "Jonah Hex."

He explained, "It was horribly awkward. It was her first love scene... (but) I think, ultimately, she felt very protected. We all looked out for her and we got most of the people off the set."

In the film, 1970s-era DC antihero Jonah Hex is a disfigured gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter. Supernatural elements combine with Western aesthetics to take viewers on a wild and bloody ride, with Brolin leading the way as Hex and John Malkovich stepping into the villainous role of Turnbull.


Megan Fox Poses With Nude Mannequin In 'Interview' Magazine

6/15/2010 10:08am EDT
Megan Fox Interview Magazine
Megan Fox donned a black dress and arm-length gloves for a photo shoot. That would be enough for most pictorials, but this one was also with a nude mannequin that bears a striking resemblance to her!

The Jonah Hex star gets up close and personal with the inanimate object, with her makeup done to look like the doll as much as possible. They even have the same haircut.

Fox then asked for the head of the mannequin after the shoot, which raised eyebrows in the room. Apparently they were worried what the paparazzi would think of seeing her carrying her own head around. But Megan could not care...

Megan Fox Was Obsessed With Her Tight Corset

6/14/2010 11:41am EDT
Jonah Hex
Megan Fox enjoyed wearing a super-tight corset for her role in new movie "Jonah Hex."

She explained, "It hurt, but you can't resist wanting to mess with it. I was obsessed with getting it as tight as we possible could and in a lot of the scenes we got it down really small."

The film centers on 1970s-era DC antihero Jonah Hex, a disfigured gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter. Supernatural elements combine with Western aesthetics to take viewers on a wild and bloody ride, with Josh Brolin leading the way as Hex and John Malkovich stepping into the villainous role of Turnbull. Fox plays ...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Toy Story 3,' 'Jonah Hex,' & More

6/14/2010 9:39am EDT
Jonah Hex
The remake of “The Karate Kid” starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, does not live up to the original, but it does effectively adapt the model of the story to a new setting. Jaden Smith’s character Dre, character is a bit more obnoxious and impatient than Ralph Macchio’s Daniel, mainly because he is younger though. As Mr. Han, Dre’s instructor, Jackie Chan gives a deep and nuanced performance, showing that he is a brilliant teacher despite his tragic past.

Action sequences in the movie are fast-paced and exciting, however in many ways this version sensationalizes the violence in a way th...

Summer 2010 Is Disappointing For Film Lovers

6/11/2010 8:54am EDT
The Karate Kid
It looks like the summer of 2010 will be one moviegoers will soon want to forget. Many studios and filmmakers are already scratching their heads wondering why this summer (barely halfway over) is producing rather disappointing numbers at the box office.

Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After have made $291 million and $166 million respectively and are the only big-budget films that have come out during this crucial season to break even with their production budgets. Audiences’ clear love of Robert Downey Jr.’s cool superhero Tony Stark and the comedic storytelling-style have made this franchis...

Marvel And DC Comics Will Be Slugging It Out On The Big Screen For Years To Come

5/5/2010 10:06am EDT
Marvel And DC Comics Movies
With Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, The Losers and Jonah Hex all hitting the multiplex this summer, the onslaught of comic book movies shows no signs of slowing (for better or worse). Leaving the Green Hornet (who started as a radio show) and Scott Pilgrim (indie press slacker hero) for later debate, we’ll get you up to speed on the heavy hitters from comics’ Big Two, DC and Marvel that are heading to the big screen in the next few years, culminating (supposedly) in epic team-ups for both universes!


THOR (May 2011)

Kenneth Branagh is directing Chris Hemsworth (Captain Kirk’s father...

Today Is Megan Fox Blackout Day (Videos)

8/4/2009 2:48pm EDT
Megan Fox blackout Megan Fox boycott
While the rest of the web is blacking out all coverage of Megan Fox today, claiming that she's "overexposed", Starpulse is here to save the day with plenty of Megan Fox for those of you who can't get through a day without the sexy tattooed star.

Megan was recently seen in the mistake-riddled Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen along with Shia LaBeouf; and she'll star in the upcoming slasher/comedy Jennifer's Body, written and directed by Juno's Diablo Cody.

Next year she'll star in yet another comic book adaptation, Jonah Hex, alongside Josh Brolin, who recently said that the love s...

Josh Brolin Brings 'Jonah Hex' Intensity To Comic-Con

7/27/2009 11:50am EDT
Josh Brolin
Jonah Hex won't be out until Summer 2010, but Comic Con fans got a peak at the intensity he is bringing to their western comic book character. The world has been warming up to the Brolin method in films like No Country For Old Men, W and Milk. Now he's going to bring it to a kick ass bounty hunter in the old west.

"In the comic book he's this alcoholic curmudgeony kind of guy," Brolin said. "You know he's a bounty hunter, kind of goes from place to place just trying to get trough the day. Not in the comic book, but from my perspective he's loosely based on this guy Col. Seaver, who exist...

Megan Fox Named World's Sexiest Woman By FHM For Second Straight Year - Hot Pictures Of The Top 10!

6/23/2009 12:15pm EDT
Megan Fox
Transformers: Rise of the Fallen star Megan Fox has retained the title of World's Sexiest Woman, as polled by FHM. She becomes only the second woman to do so, after Jennifer Lopez pulled it off in 2001 and 2002. Hot pictures of the ladies of the Top 10 after the break!

#10: Katy Perry

The only thing hotter than Katy's looks may be her music. After taking the Best International Female Artist prize at the 2009 BRIT Awards, her first two singles "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot N Cold" were certified three-time platinum for sales over three million - each!

More Katy Perry Photos


Megan Fox's Stubby Thumbs

6/12/2009 1:17pm EDT
Megan Fox
Megan Fox finally heads back to the big screen on June 24th in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the sequel to the highly successful 2007 blockbuster Transformers. But the real story is Megan's thumbs. We once thought this vixen to be the hottest thing on the planet and lacking a single flaw (well, maybe the Marilyn Monroe tattoo), but then we found one: her kinda creepy, short, stubby thumbs. More pics after the jump!

In Rise of the Fallen she'll once again pair up with Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro. The Office's Rainn Wilson will also appear in the f...