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Blu-ray Review: 'John Carter'

6/5/2012 9:22am EDT
John Carter photo
Trapped on Mars, the ability to jump cloud high and possible savor of an alien race – could be worse. We’re checking out the planet jumping adventure "John Carter," out on Blu-ray June 5 from Walt Disney Home Entertainment. Join the Mars tour below!

Title: "John Carter"

Grade: 2 1/2

Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Mark Strong

Director: Andrew Stanton

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 132 minutes

Release Company: Walt Disney Home Entertainment


The Flick: Hearing such dismal rants about how bad this one was, I admit I went into "John Carter" gritti...

Check Out 'John Carter' On Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand & More June 5

6/4/2012 6:33am EDT
John Carter
Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic tale of interplanetary adventure arrives on the big screen in "John Carter," a sweeping sci-fi spectacle marking the live-action debut of Oscar-winning director Andrew Stanton.

Civil War veteran John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) was still haunted by the violence he witnessed on the battlefield when he inexplicably awoke on the distant planet of Barsoom (Mars). Upon learning that the inhabitants of Barsoom are bracing for a major conflict and that war appears inevitable, John finds out that love is a rare commodity on the Red Planet, and summons the courage to...

Disney Boss Rich Ross Steps Down After 'John Carter' Bombs

4/22/2012 3:11pm EDT
John Carter, inset: Rick Ross
Disney movie studo boss Rich Ross resigned from his position on Friday in the wake of the studio's huge flop, John Carter.

The disappointing film, starring Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins and based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic stories of a Civil War soldier who finds himself transported to the red planet, cost Disney about $200 million in losses.

Ross issued a statement on Friday; saying, "I no longer believe the chairman role is the right professional fit for me. For that reason, I have made the very difficult decision to step down as chairman of the Walt Disney Studios, effective tod...

'21 Jump Street' Wins Weekend Box Office; 'John Carter' Dominates Internationally

3/19/2012 8:58am EDT
21 Jump Street
Out-of-this-world action movie "John Carter" is the planet's biggest movie for a second consecutive week.

The film, starring Taylor Kitsch as a Civil War hero transported to Mars, grossed over $40 million in 54 markets outside the U.S., where the film has been savaged by critics.

"John Carter" has now earned a total of $126 million internationally - outside of America - since its release earlier this month.

Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" jumps up to number two on the international box office list and Reese Witherspoon's comedy "This Means War" is third on the countdown.

Comedy "21 Jump Street,"...

'The Lorax' Beats 'John Carter' At Weekend Box Office

3/12/2012 8:44am EDT
The Lorax
Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" has climbed its way to the top of the box office after raking in $39.1 million at the weekend.

The animated family film, voiced by the likes of Taylor Swift and Zac Efron, stole the number one spot from adventure movie John Carter, which debuted at second place with earnings of $30.6 million.

Comedy Project X dropped to third with takings of $11.6 million, while Elizabeth Olsen's thriller Silent House entered the countdown in fourth place ($7 million) and action film Act of Valor ($7 million) rounded out the top five.

'John Carter' Star Lynn Collins Wasn't Afraid To Show A Little Skin In Her Character's Skimpy Outfits (Pictures)

3/11/2012 6:28pm EDT
Lynn Collins
John Carter's captivating lead lady Lynn Collins, who plays the powerful princess Dejah Thoris in the film, is no stranger to showing a little flesh in her roles - but the actress recently revealed that there's a lot more to her character than just a "skin show".

To make the transformation to the beautiful Thoris before filming her scenes, the fair-skinned Collins spent five hours a day in the makeup chair getting spray tans and meticulously detailed red tattoos painted over most of her body just to bring the character to life.

In an interview with the star explains that she to...

Russians Love 'John Carter'

3/10/2012 5:16pm EST
John Carter
Taylor Kitsch's new out-of-this world action film John Carter has smashed opening day box office records - in Russia.

The much-hyped movie was less than impressive at the box office in the U.S. when it opened at midnight on Thursday, but it grossed an estimated $6.5 million in Russia, making the film the biggest opener in the country's history.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "John Carter" is also enjoying swift business in Hong Kong and Thailand.

The film is expected to challenge "The Lorax" for the top spot at the box office this weekend.

Two Jews' Review 'John Carter' And Are Worlds Apart (Video)

3/8/2012 2:00pm EST
John Carter
Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin Schwartz: Okay, so first I have to say that I loved 'John Carter', the Disney 3D Sci-Fi adventure film directed by Andrew Stanton (WALL-E). The plot can seem slightly more complicated than it is, so I'll just give you the main points.

First, there's John Carter (the very handsome, Taylor Kitsch) a post Civil War Veteran who's absolutely fed up with war. All he wants to do is find, a certain cave, (that is supposedly filled with gold) and spend the rest of his life far far away from any kind of conflict. Good luck with that.

While running away from the U...

Trailer Talk: This Week in Movies - 'John Carter', 'Salmon Fishing In The Yemen' & More

3/6/2012 6:12pm EST
Trailer Talk March 9, 2012
New movies coming to theaters this week include the highly anticipated John Carter - the film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1912 story "A Princess of Mars", the first tale from his epic science fiction series "John Carter of Mars"; the familiar-looking Eddie Murphy comedy A Thousand Words; the outrageous idea of fishing in the desert in Salmon Fishing In The Yemen. Another thriller, Silent House and the formulaic rom-com Friends With Kids round out this list of movies opening March 9, 2012.



Civil War veteran John Carter (Taylor Kits...

Lynn Collins Had A Tough Time Not Hurting People On 'John Carter' Set

2/22/2012 5:29pm EST
Lynn Collins
Actress Lynn Collins struggled to hold back while filming fight scenes for new Disney epic "John Carter" because her childhood karate training made it a "real challenge" not to "hurt people."

The star's parents were keen martial artists and they regularly enrolled the young Collins into fight training classes in Japan while she was growing up.

She was able to draw on her karate skills for her role as Dejah Thoris, the Princess of Helium, in the upcoming sci-fi adventure - but the actress admits her years of karate became more of a burden then a blessing on set.

She tells WENN, "I...

'John Carter' Stars Partied Every Night In Utah Motel

2/21/2012 8:42am EST
John Carter
British actor Dominic West had the time of his life shooting new movie "John Carter" on location in Utah because he and his co-stars turned their motel into a "frathouse", holding big parties every night.

The star appears in the Disney sci-fi epic alongside Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, James Purefoy and Taylor Kitsch as the titular character, an American Civil War captain who is transported to Mars.

West admits there was not much to do in between filming in the picturesque state - so the cast made their own fun back at their motel.

He tells WENN, "Off set was a dream. We were in th...

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

1/13/2012 10:00am EST
Most Anticipated Movies of 2012
If you’re family is like mine, you probably got one for Christmas. I have an aunt who has given on to me every year since I was seven. Each time I open the wrapping paper and feign surprise, as if my present could have been anything else. The first few times she gave me this turd of a gift, I hung it dutifully on my wall for the entire year. Each time I looked at it, I would wonder how Chocolate Labradors or Monster Trucks define me as a person (News Flash: They don’t). Now, as soon as she leaves the room, I throw my gift right in the trash without even a modicum of guilt. Still don’t know ...

Rising Hollywood Stars To Keep Your Eye On

7/19/2011 11:10am EDT
Taylor Kitsch
We're always on the lookout for riding Hollywood stars, and today we have another crop of small names that are about to become big names.

Taylor Kitsch: He's been on Friday Night Lights for five years and had a supporting role as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Next year he will be starring in John Carter as the titular character, and we expect Kitsch to go far riding the buzz the film earns him. He also is set to star in the film adaptation of Battleship - yeah, the board game.

Lily Collins: Being the daughter of Phil Collins is enough to get attention, but Lily Collins is workin...