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Enjoyable And Entertaining Shark Movies

7/13/2015 8:15pm EDT
8 Shark Movies That Will Keep You Entertained
This year’s "Shark Week" is in the books, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there. In fact, you can get your dose of your favorite sharp-toothed sea creatures all year long because there is a ton of shark movies out there just waiting to be watched. Some are funny, some are ridiculous, and most are downright terrifying, but the most important thing is that, even when they’re bad, they’re still movies with sharks in them. Here are some of the best (and worst) shark movies ever made.


"Jaws" is a legendary film, plain and simple. It changed the game when it debuted in the mi...

People Risk 'Life And Limb' By Swimming In This City's Ocean

6/30/2015 2:42pm EDT
Recife Beaches
Ever hear of Recife? Here's a hint: it is one of the cities that hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But, it has a terrifying secret: despite its pristine beaches, people are scared out of their wits to enter the ocean -- and for good reason.

Shark attacks in North Carolina have gripped news headlines; six occurred over seven days. However, you're more likely to die from attacks in Recife's waters.

The city is in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, and arguably, has some of the most desirable beaches in the world. However, according to a Business Insider report, if you value "life and limbs, y...

'Jaws' Is Back...For A Limited Release

5/29/2015 9:25am EDT
'Jaws' Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Big-Screen Release
If you missed seeing "Jaws" on the big screen, now's your chance. Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Universal Pictures are commemorating the film's 40th anniversary with special screenings of the thriller in select theaters on June 21 and June 24.

Prior to the showing, TCM host Ben Mankiewicz will "give insight into how this classic still makes us think twice about jumping in that water," according to Fathom Events.

The 1975 "Best Picture" nominee centers on a giant great white shark, which arrives on the shores of a New England beach resort. The beast wreaks havoc with bloody atta...

The Greatest Movies From The 70s

4/1/2014 8:00am EDT
The Greatest Movies From The 70s
The 1970s. The era of disco, bell bottom jeans, and phenomenal moviemaking. Hollywood’s golden age surged in the seventies, a time where gifted filmmakers carved their niche in the studio system and created films unlike anything seen before. From maverick moviemakers who created their penultimate masterpieces to the birth of the modern Hollywood blockbuster amongst a sea of commercial duds, the seventies were one of the hottest times in filmmaking even in the wake of the Cold War. Without further ado, here are the best movies of the 1970’s.

"The Godfather: Parts I and II" (1972 and 1974)

Check Out The Making-Of-A-Movie Book 'Jaws: Memories From Martha's Vineyard'

10/20/2012 7:00am EDT
The filming of the blockbuster film Jaws is regarded as a landmark event in both the history of motion pictures and the quaint New England island of Martha's Vineyard, where the geographic isolation necessitated the hiring of hundreds of locals to work as actors and laborers.

Among this virtual army of hometown participants were numerous professional and amateur photographers, each with full access to the production's inner workings--for the first time ever this compiles their behind-the-scenes photographs and stories into a treasure trove of Jaws rarities.

Included are a foreword by dire...

Blu-ray Review: 'Jaws'

8/15/2012 11:00am EDT
Jaws movie
Will a shark be scarier in...Hi-Def? We’re gonna find out with this week’s anticipated release of the classic Steven Spielberg fish tale "Jaws," out in an extras heavy Blu-ray from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. See if they’re gonna need a bigger Blu-ray case below!

Title: "Jaws"

Grade: 5

Cast: Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw

Director: Steven Spielberg

Rating: PG

Runtime: 124 minutes

Release Company: Universal Studios Home Entertainment


The Flick: Of course, anyone who says that "Jaws" is not a five-star piece of film...

Steven Spielberg Struggled To Sell 'Smash'

1/17/2012 9:29am EST
Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg spent five years trying to bring his new TV drama Smash to the small screen because the concept failed to win over network executives.

The Jaws director came up with the idea of a series set behind-the-scenes of a Broadway show, and teamed with his Dreamworks Television company and writer Theresa Rebeck to turn his vision into a program.

However, despite Spielberg's power in Hollywood, it took years to persuade TV executives to take on the show - until NBC entertainment boss Bob Greenblatt agreed to commission the series.

Spielberg tells Access Hollywood, "I came up w...

'Jaws' Gets 3D Porn Treatment

1/12/2012 11:21am EST
Adult movie bosses have shot a porn parody of Steven Spielberg's classic Jaws - in 3D.

Staff at Hustler Video have teamed up with production company Adam & Eve to shoot This Ain't Jaws XXX, which spoofs the 1975 Oscar-winning film about a killer shark terrorizing a U.S. beach resort.

And to make the movie more lifelike, producers utilized the latest technology to shoot the entire film in 3D.

Drew Rosenfeld, Creative Director for Hustler Video, says, "We have leveraged our synergy and come up with an exciting and entertaining new 3D parody."

George Clooney Names 'Deliverance,' 'The Exorcist' & 'Jaws' Among His Favorite 100 Films

9/24/2011 12:00pm EDT
George Clooney
In an exclusive interview with PARADE, out this Sunday, George Clooney declared 1964 to 1976 "the greatest time in filmmaking by far."

The actor says, "I'm a product of the '70s filmmakers. I grew up with that. ... That was the era that I was watching movies the most. I gave all my friends for Christmas 100 films between 1964 and '76 — movies that were really changing the face of filmmaking."

In a exclusive, Clooney revealed his list of 100 favorite films. His top five are:

All the President's Men
Dr. Strangelove
Carnal Knowledge
Harold and Maude

Check out Geroge C...

What Are Your Favorite 'Dog Days Of Summer' Movies?

7/28/2011 1:00pm EDT
Dog Days Of Summer' Movies
With the heat wave simmering across the country, we got to thinking… what are the best movies that describe the “dog days of summer”? What are the movies that tell the best summer stories? What made the biggest impression when you downed the lemonade and chased the ice cream truck? Here are our Top 10.

10. ‘Dirty Dancing’ – 1987

Okay, so this is clearly a guilty pleasure, but how can it not define ‘summer’? Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze create the perfect coming of age story with lots of cute oldies and 80s dance moves. And no one puts Baby in the corner, just so you know.


Steven Spielberg To Make His First Comic-Con Appearance

7/14/2011 10:16am EDT
Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg is set to thrill film fans after announcing he will make his debut appearance at the legendary Comic-Con event in California later this month.

The revered moviemaker has been behind some of cinema's most successful films but has never participated in the renowned San Diego-based comic book and movie convention, which has been held annually since 1970.

He has now confirmed he will be part of a panel at the upcoming event on July 22nd to discuss his new project The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn in front of 6,000 attendees.

The Jaws legend will also be ...

Jerry O'Connell Proud Of Losing His Manhood To Piranhas

8/17/2010 1:00am EDT
Jerry O
Actor Jerry O'Connell can't wait for fans to see his new movie "Piranha 3D" - because he loses his manhood to flesh-eating fish in one gruesome scene.

Far from being embarrassed by the thought of film fans getting "showered" by his ripped-off penis in 3D, the "Stand By Me" child star is relishing in the gory scene.

He tells, "It was actually pretty fun. I've seen a little bit of it. I shouldn't say that; I've seen a large chunk of it and it looks great. It's really funny actually."

Co-star Kelly Brook adds, "The thing with the piranhas is they always go for a particular...

The Movie Rut: 'Jaws' (1975) - 35 Summers And Counting

6/21/2010 10:22am EDT
Jaws celebrates its 35th anniversary
“I'm only trying to say that Amity is a summer town. We need summer dollars.” - Mayor Vaughn

In reading about the productions of some of the most successful movies ever made, a noticeable trend arises pretty quickly. Nobody believes in the project, the shoot becomes mired with complications, some studio executive shouts “What is this shit?!” during the first screening, the director verges on a nervous breakdown, and then, out of nowhere, the premiere has a line wrapped around the block and everyone drowns in money.

If the story sounds familiar, that’s because it more or less describes the...

The Movie Rut: 'Clue' (1985)

6/13/2010 9:30am EDT
Clue (1985)
On a stormy evening in 1954, at the height of the McCarthy era, six strangers meet at the kind of baroque mansion that only exists in movies. Greeting them at the door is Wadsworth (Tim Curry), a stiff English butler who reveals that they are all victims of a blackmail scheme masterminded by the mysterious Mr. Boddy (played by FEAR singer and sometimes actor Lee Ving). Before long, Mr. Boddy expires under mysterious circumstances and as the bodies start piling up the multi-colored cast of characters start scrambling around trying to figure out who did in who with what and where.

When Param...

The Movie Rut: Introduction

6/12/2010 9:30am EDT
I’ve always wanted to be the guy who has seen everything. The type of person that waltzes into a video store (or logs into Netflix, if we’re talking about the real world) and comes out with an armful of movies he or she has never seen. Like spinning a globe and venturing off to wherever your finger may land, watching a new movie is an adventure that broadens horizons and strengthens character. Of course, going to a random place on the planet also runs a pretty high risk of landing in the middle of a desert or in some godforsaken war torn hellhole.

As much as I’d like to be the next Peter B...

Celebrity Birthdays, November 10

11/10/2009 3:00am EST
Brittany Murphy
Happy Birthday to:

Actress Brittany Murphy (1977)

Rapper Eve (1978)

Incestuous actress Mackenzie Phillips (1959)

Comedian Sinbad (1956)

Composer Tim Rice (1944)

Jaws star Roy Scheider (1932)

The Good The Bad and The Ugly composer Ennio Morricone (1928)

Welsh actor Richard Burton (1925; d. 1984)

English film star Claude Rains (1889; d. 1967)

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7 Scariest Films to Watch on Halloween

10/28/2009 10:30am EDT
Scariest Films to Watch on Halloween
To be clear, we abhor the countless seemingly arbitrary lists of "scary" films that have littered the internet and many a magazine. If you are tired of trying to search these lists looking for films that don't have Halloween or 13th in the title, you will appreciate our list. Horror films, for the most part, are supposed to move the audience. They are not created for awards shows, and typically the ones that haunt us are the ones which are considered to be "bad" films. The most obvious issue with these previous lists it that they do not give an accurate explanation of how they define th...

Sarah's Cinema Musings: When A Remake Is Redundant

8/17/2009 2:37pm EDT
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
As many of you have noticed, even those of you who have sought residence under a comfortable moss-laden rock, there is a virus in cinema. This virus is the concept of the remake. Yes, in a time when production budgets are dependent on a 'sure bet', there will be hyper-formulaic films. The issue now is the remake-remake. Confused? You are not the only one. Remakes of remakes, sometimes more positively spun as 'reimaginings', are not unheard of. 'Batman', 'Superman', and many of the old sci-fi classics like 'War of the Worlds', 'Dracula', 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', amongst many o...

Celebrity Birthdays, August 9

8/9/2009 3:00am EDT
Rhona Mitra
Happy Birthday to "The Da Vinci Code" actress Audrey Tautou (1978), "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" star Rhona Mitra (1976), "The Practice" actress Jessica Capshaw (1976), Colombian singer Juanes (1972), "Star Trek" actor Eric Bana (1968), "X-Files" actress Gillian Anderson (1968), notorious singer/actress Whitney Houston (1963), Movie/TV actress Melanie Griffith (1957), actor Sam Elliott (1944), and "Jaws" actor Robert Shaw (1927; d. 1978).

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Sarah's Cinema Musings: Looking Beyond The Surface Of Movie Posters

7/11/2009 10:18am EDT
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
It used to be that when you walked through a movie theater, you looked forward to seeing the posters of upcoming films. Years ago, poster advertisements used to be as fascinating as movie trailers. The art of most film posters seems to have since gone by the wayside. Now, it seems, posters are a last-minute thought for non-blockbuster films or indie flicks.

Blockbuster films like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings were able to keep the long-held tradition of poster storytelling. This aspect of promotion, the concept that sells the film poster more than the trailer, is the semio...

DVD Versus Blu-ray: Enjoying A Film At Its Best

6/3/2009 9:00am EDT
One can only assume the somewhat recent onslaught of the "need" for Blu-ray comes only from a desire to have people buy films and television show sets over again. After having to update a copy of 'Sneakers' from VHS tape to DVD, a completely reasonable choice, the buck stops here. Yes, the technology is interesting at best, but it is brutally frustrating at worst.

The problem is not with the players, although they are extremely expensive still and the best player is still the one that comes in the PlayStation 3, the problem instead lies way back in the beginning of the cycle - the ...

'King Kong', 'Creature' To Join Universal Studios Hollywood In 2010

5/24/2009 4:00pm EDT
King Kong
King Kong, among the screen’s most powerful and enduring icons, will re-emerge on the famed and newly upgraded Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour in summer, 2010 as a thrilling and ground-breaking 4-D multi-sensory marvel, a new signature attraction for Universal Studios Hollywood.

The new King Kong attraction, based on the Oscar®-winning 2005 Universal Pictures film, will combine thrilling visceral effects with the world’s largest Surround Digital projection system to create a next-generation theme park experience.

Larry Kurzweil, President and Chief Operating Officer, Unive...

Rob Schneider Talks About 'Big Stan', 'SNL' And His Famous Feuds

3/26/2009 11:26am EDT
Rob Schneider
Rob Schneider has never been one to back away from controversy and as we discussed his new film Big Stan -- released on DVD this week -- this became all the more apparent as this interview went along. Rob is very candid about what he thinks of a fellow Saturday Night Live alumnus and expresses his love for Roger Ebert, a man he once engaged in a very public dispute.

Mike: So, how was the transition to directing?

Rob: Not a big transition because I always felt I had a hand in directing all my movies. So, I really knew what I wanted and it took so many months to finally get the m...

Concord Records To Release Expanded 'Indiana Jones' Soundtracks Feb. 17

1/30/2009 5:13pm EST
Raiders of the Lost Ark
On February 17, 2009 Concord Records will release individually the soundtracks to the original three Indiana Jones films: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Originally Available as Part of Last Year's Limited-Edition Boxed Set, These Expanded and Remastered Soundtracks Feature Previously Unreleased Music From The First Three Films!

All three feature Oscar-winning composer John Williams' soundtracks digitally remastered from the original tapes, plus unreleased music from each respective film. Previously available only as pa...

Our Favorite Films About Animals

11/24/2008 12:39pm EST
The Lion King
'Tis the season to slaughter turkeys. Did anybody not see former Vice President wannabe Sarah Palin hold a Q&A downstage of a turkey’s obvious death? (Go HERE if you didn't.)

On a more cheerful note, here are a few gems from Hollywood made for the animal lover in all of us:

Best All-Around Animal Film

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

The film is the best all-animal movie, with March of the Penguins coming in as an understudy. A documentary showing a death of a cute baby penguin? Definitely going to lose against a Japanese (yes, really, Japanese) movie with Dudley Moore as a...

Celebrity Birthdays, November 10

11/10/2008 3:00am EST
Brittany Murphy
Happy Birthday to rapper Eve (1978), actress Brittany Murphy (1977), actress Mackenzie Phillips (1959), comedian Sinbad (1956), composer Tim Rice (1944), Jaws star Roy Scheider (1932), The Good The Bad and The Ugly composer Ennio Morricone (1928), Welsh actor Richard Burton (1925; d. 1984), and English film star Claude Rains (1889; d. 1967).

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Owen Wilson's Best & Worst Films

10/21/2008 9:21am EDT
Owen Wilson
The Frat Pack has been a powerful force in the new Millennium, and for awhile it was like we could not see a comedy without Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, and Owen Wilson. These comedic geniuses are quirky, timely, and have a lasting power that will keep them in movies for years to come. The goofy, charming Owen Wilson has proven himself not only as an actor, but as an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. There's a lot more going on beneath those blonde surfer bangs than one might expect, and with "Marley & Me" coming out this Christmas, let's take a look at some of the fine...

Celebrity Birthdays, August 9

8/9/2008 3:00am EDT
Gillian Anderson
Happy Birthday to "The Da Vinci Code" actress Audrey Tautou (1978), English actress Rhona Mitra (1976), "The Practice" actress Jessica Capshaw (1976), Colombian singer Juanes (1972), "Munich" actor Eric Bana (1968), "X-Files" actress Gillian Anderson (1968), football and baseball star Deion Sanders (1967), Canadian hockey star Brett Hull (1964), notorious singer/actress Whitney Houston (1963), Movie/TV actress Melanie Griffith (1957), actor Sam Elliott (1944), baseball player Tommie Agee (1942; d. 2001), and "Jaws" actor Robert Shaw (1927; d. 1978).

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Movie Adaptations: Why They Succeed Or Fail & The Direction They're Headed

7/15/2008 8:46am EDT
A History of Violence
Jaws. Ghost World. Eyes Wide Shut. A History of Violence. Road to Perdition. The Crow. Planet of the Apes. What do these seven movies have in common? It's a lesser known fact, in some cases more than others, but none of these movies were movies first. These, as with many other films, were adapted to the screen from other media.

Film adaptations have been made since the early days of cinema, but the last decade or so has seen a definite increase in their popularity, with the growing success and popularity of comic book adaptations to the ever quickening transition of best selling novels...

Best Movie Lines That Have Stuck In Pop Culture

6/5/2008 9:00am EDT
The Sixth Sense
There are some movies that live forever in the minds of humanity generation after generation. They span decades, continents, and cross racial and gender divides. What creates that certain magic is intangible, but it inevitably involves the memorable quotes that make their way into pop culture and every day speech.

These quotes have a universal quality, whether humorous or tragic, and they take you back to that exact moment in the film when Marlon Brando screams into the air or Humphrey Bogart gently touches Ingrid Bergman's chin. These iconic moments are not only remembered but consta...