Mad It's a Mad Cast and Crew

Spencer Tracy - Captain C G Culpeper
Milton Berle - J Russell Finch
Sid Caesar - Melville Crump
Buddy Hackett - Benjy Benjamin
Ethel Merman - Mrs Marcus
Mickey Rooney - Ding Bell
Dick Shawn - Sylvester Marcus
Phil Silvers - Otto Meyer
Jonathan Winters - Lennie Pike
Edie Adams - Monica Crump
Dorothy Provine - Emmeline Finch
Eddie Anderson - 1st Cab Driver
Jim Backus - Tyler Fitzgerald
Ben Blue - Airplane Pilot
Alan Carney - Police Sergeant
Barrie Chase - Mrs Haliburton
William Demarest - Chief of Police
Peter Falk - 2nd Cab Driver
Paul Ford - Colonel Wilberforce
Leo Gorcey - 3rd Cab Driver
Edward Everett Horton - Dinckler
Buster Keaton - Jimmy--the Crook
Don Knotts - Nervous Man
Carl Reiner - Tower Control
Joe E Brown - Union Official
Andy Devine - Sheriff Mason
Sterling Holloway - Fire Chief
Marvin Kaplan - Irwin--Gas Station Attendant
Charles Lane - Airport Manager
Charles McGraw - Lieutenant
ZaSu Pitts - Switchboard Operator
Madlyn Rhue - Police Secretary
Arnold Stang - Ray--Gas Station Attendant
Howard DaSlva - Airport Officer
Jesse White - Radio Tower Operator
Lloyd Corrigan - Mayor
Stan Freberg - Deputy Sheriff
Ben Lessey - George--the Steward
Bobo Lewis - Pilot's Wife
Mike Mazurki - Miner
Nick Stuart - Truck Driver
Norman Fell - Detective
Jimmy Durante - Smiler Grogan
Sammee Tong - Chinese Laundryman
Stanley Clements - Detective
Nicholas Georgiade - Detective
Allen Jenkins - Police Officer
Harry Lauter - Radio Operator
Doodles Weaver - Salesman
Tom Kennedy - Traffic Cop
Eddie Ryder - Tower Radioman
Don Harvey - Helicopter Observer
Roy Engel - Patrolman
Paul Birch - Patrolman
Jack Benny - Man on Road
Jerry Lewis - Mad Driver
Chick Chandler
Barbara Pepper
Cliff Norton
Roy Robert
Selma Diamond - of Culpeper's Wife
Louise Glenn - of Billie Sue
Stanley Kramer
Stanley Kramer
William Rose
Tania Rose