The Invention of Lying Videos

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Now Playing: The Invention of Lying Miss Piggy Poses For Selfie With Ricky Gervais And Kermit AtMuppets Most Wanted
2014-03-12 Top 4 Movie Stories of the Day
2014-03-12 The Invention of Lying Movie Review
2011-07-17 The Invention of Lying
2009-07-01 Cemetery Junction cast reveal on-set gossip
2010-04-17 Films, doughnuts, Ricky Gervais&Stephen Merchant
2010-04-17 Ricky and Stephan talk Cemetery Junction cameos
2010-04-17 The Invention of Lying - Exclusive DVD Interview With Ricky Gervais
2010-02-03 The Invention of Lying - Exclusive Interview With Ricky Gervais
2010-01-29 Talk of the Town: Madonna builds school
2009-10-26 Ricky Gervais on his new film The Invention of Lying
2009-10-05 Talk of the Town: Zombieland a monster hit
2009-10-04 Would Ricky Gervais ever have cosmetic surgery?
2009-10-04 Ricky Gervais unveils The Invention Of Lying
2009-10-03 Ricky Gervais brings friends to his movie gala
2009-10-02 The Invention of Lying - Clip - Birthday Coupon
2009-10-02 The Invention of Lying - Clip - That's Just The Way It Is
2009-10-02 The Invention of Lying - Exclusive Gala Screening
2009-10-02 MovieBuff: The Invention Of Lying, Pandorum, Toy Story in 3D
2009-10-01 2009 Emmy Awards Red Carpet Fashion
2009-09-29 Ricky Gervais One on One
2009-09-29 Ricky Gervais invents lying in new movie
2009-09-29 World According to: Ricky Gervais
2009-09-25 The Invention of Lying Movie Premiere Toronto Film Festival
2009-09-24 Ricky Gervais shines at Hollywood premiere
2009-09-22 Ricky Gervais shows off The Invention Of Lying
2009-09-22 Talk of the Town: Jackson's big roll out

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