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Twenty-something Pearl works in the marketing department. She finds that she feels increasingly attracted to her boss, Tom, who is married with children. Their small team of five spend eight or ten hours a day, five or six days a week, working together. After work, Pearl usually carpools in Tom's car with her other colleagues--Karl, the obnoxious one, John, the smart guy, and Jewel, the flirateous. Tom is a great boss, but what really lurks behind his friendly facade is anyone's guess. Out of the blue one day, Tom suggests Pearl apply for another job. Deeply wounded, Pearl wants revenge and demands that he fire her. The sad thing is that this situation is an everyday ocĀ­currence. John and Jewel have now caught the romantic virus and it seems to spread throughout the office. Ultimately, we learn brief affairs that occur in the office, result in the two powerful forces of human resource policy and romance pitted against each other.