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Interview With the Vampire Cast and Crew

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Tom Cruise - Lestat de Lioncourt
Brad Pitt - Louis Pointe du Lac
Antonio Banderas - Armand
Stephen Rea - Santiago
Christian Slater - Daniel Malloy--The Interviewer
Kirsten Dunst - Claudia
Domiziana Giordano - Madeleine
Thandie Newton - Yvette
Virginia McCollam - Whore on Waterfront
John McConnell - Gambler
Mike Seelig - Pimp
Bellina Logan - Tavern Girl
Lyla Hay Owen - Widow St Clair
Lee Emery - Widow's Lover
Indra Ove - New Orleans Whore
Helen McCrory - 2nd Whore
Monte Montague - Plague Victim Bearer
Nathalie Bloch - Maid
Jeanette Kontomitras - Woman in Square
Roger Lloyd Pack - Piano Teacher
George Kelly - Dollmaker
Nicole DuBois - Creole Woman
Micha Bergese - Paris Vampire
Rory Edwards - Paris Vampire
Marcel Iures - Paris Vampire
Susan Lynch - Paris Vampire
Louise Salter - Paris Vampire
Matthew Sim - Paris Vampire
Francois Testory - Paris Vampire
Andrew Tiernan - Paris Vampire
Simon Tyrrell - Paris Vampire
George Yiasoumi - Paris Vampire
Sara Stockbridge - Estelle
Laure Marsac - Mortal Woman on Stage
Katia Caballero - Woman in Audience
Louis Lewis-Smith - Mortal Boy
Neil Jordan
Robert Legato
James Devis
Stephen Woolley
David Geffen
Redmond Morris
Sallie Jones
Steven Katz
Anne Rice