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The Ten Worst Movies Of 2013

12/24/2013 12:00pm EST
What makes a bad film? Factors such as poor ticket sales, bad acting, lousy scripts, and negative reviews. And if you've never even heard of the movie, than you know it's really bad.

Some of these films actually had decent box office results, but that doesn't mean they were good films. It just means a bunch of people got suckered into watching movies they thought would be entertaining but ended up being lousy.

"Getaway" (above) starred Selena Gomez, one of today's hottest young female singers and actresses. But her star power couldn't save the film.

The movie centered on Brent (Ethan Haw...

Tiya Sircar Talks About Landing 'The Internship'

11/6/2013 4:45pm EST
The Internship
With The Internship now available on unrated Blu-Ray and DVD, BFTV recently snagged a few minutes with one of the comedy's supporting cast members. Tiya Sircar plays Neha Patel, one of the Google interns who works alongside Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) as they all hope to land jobs at the tech giant. She chatted with us about what it was like to share the set with the two hilarious stars, and how sharp her own technology skills are.

As "the only female member of the team of Google interns comprised of Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Dylan O’Brien and Tobit Raphae...

Low-Budget Thriller 'The Purge' Tops Weekend Box Office, Google Comedy 'The Internship' Bows At No. 3

6/10/2013 10:09am EDT
The Purge
Home invasion horror-thriller The Purge pulled in a surprising $36.3 million at the box office over the weekend, landing the top spot and knocking Fast & Furious 6 into second place with a take of $19.7 million.

"The Purge" easily recouped its meager production budget, costing only $3 million to make; and exceeded expectations and predictions, many of which had "Fast & Furious" holding the top spot for a third straight week.

Now You See Me, illusionist heist flick starring Isla Fisher and Mark Ruffalo came in at number-three with $18.9 million; while Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson criticall...

Owen Wilson Struggled With Technical Jargon In 'The Internship'

6/9/2013 5:06pm EDT
Owen Wilson
Renowned actor Owen Wilson needed a little extra help with his lines while shooting The Internship because he struggled to get to grips with all the technology talk.

The 44 year-old actor, co-stars with his pal Vince Vaughn in the new comedy about two middle-aged salesmen who talk their way into an internship at the Google headquarters in California.

Nevertheless, Wilson admits he had some difficulty remembering all the hi-tech information when camera's started rolling, so he enlisted a few tricks he picked up on the set of 2001's Zoolander to prompt him throughout the troublesome scene...

Review: 'The Internship' An Unexpected Surprise And Really Fun Film

6/8/2013 8:25am EDT
The Internship
I was really expecting not to like this film.  I thought it would be the same old Vince Vaughn comedy that I've seen hundreds of times before and frankly I wasn't all that crazy about going.

So I was really surprised, when I found myself laughing aloud.  'The Internship' is a really funny, clever and even a touching film; filled with endearing characters and a theme that everyone (no matter what your age) will be able to relate to. It's never too late to go after your dreams, unless, of course, you're 80 years old and want to be an astronaut or prima ballerina.
But that's not the case in...

Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn Filming 'The Internship' At Google HQ

2/13/2013 12:15pm EST
The Internship
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have been allowed to film scenes for their new Google movie at the Internet giant's California headquarters.
The Wedding Crashers stars have teamed up for new comedy The Internship, which focuses on two unemployed salesmen vying to land coveted work placements at the popular web search engine.

It has now emerged Google bosses threw their support behind the project and allowed the cast access to the company's fabled Silicon Valley headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Vaughn reveals he was intrigued to see the Google offices as there have been so many...