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Best of 2012 - Jason Coleman's Top Ten DVD/Blu-ray's

12/27/2012 10:00am EST
2012 Top Ten Blu-ray's

Ready for another look back at the best of 2012?  Well then, let’s take a short walk down memory lane and examine all things home entertainment this time around.  Yup, it’s a chance to check out most memorable flicks, complete sets and all their delightful extras within – from re-releases of the greats to newbies with distinctive movie and packaging design flair it’s all here.  (And hats off to Shout! Factory for having a whopping four titles on this list!)   Let’s press play and browse over my..."Best of 2012 Top Ten DVD/Blu-ray’s!"



1. "They Live" (Shout! Factory)

Never has ...

Blu-Ray Review/Interview: Ti West On 'The Innkeepers' Hitting Home

4/24/2012 12:22pm EDT
Nothing says creepy like a good old-fashioned ghost story – especially when notable filmmaker Ti "House of the Devil" West is at the helm. That’s right fright fans, the haunting new film "The Innkeepers" is hitting Blu-ray April 24 from Dark Sky Films and we thought we’d revisit the Yankee Peddler Inn based chiller. So along with our review, we’re doing a follow up one-on-one Q&A session with the great Ti West who talks cool home release packaging, commentary tracks and what films freak him out – first up...the review!

Title: "The Innkeepers"

Grade: 4

Cast: Sara Paxton, Pat ...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies 'The Woman in Black,' 'Chronicle' & More

1/30/2012 1:00pm EST
Trailer Talk: This Week in Movies
Sadly last week I had to miss “The Grey” due to some other commitments that popped up. I was excited to see it, so I’ll try and get to it soon. However as promised, I did post my interview with “Man on a Ledge” star Elizabeth Banks. Definitely give it a read if you haven’t already.

This week horror dominates the lineup at the box office with the Daniel Radcliffe period piece “The Woman in Black,” the mysterious sci-fi horror/thriller “Chronicle,” the low-budget haunted house movie “The Innkeepers,” and the sappy whale rescue tale “Big Miracle.”

MY PICK FOR THE WEEK: The Woman in B...

Review: Ti West's 'The Innkeepers' An Alluring Story of Ghosts And Geeks

1/20/2012 11:15am EST
I won't mince words – Ti West has truly become one of our most thoughtful and suspenseful filmmakers. Never one to rush a moment, story or character, West continues to gleefully make films that take their time and his work has become more and more fascinating to watch. His latest outing titled "The Innkeepers" is yet another alluring story befitting of Ti’s unique sensibility complete with ghosts and geeks.

Built in the 1800’s, the Yankee Pedlar Inn has seen better days, in fact it’s about to shut it’s doors for good. The last remaining employees Claire, a bubbly and inquisitive gal, a...

Interview: Director Ti West On 'The Innkeepers', Kelly McGillis and Desire To Make Cabin Fever 2 Director's Cut

1/19/2012 12:40pm EST
Ti West
In just a few short years, filmmaker Ti West has carved out quite a name for himself. Having made the highly memorable films "The Wicked," "The Roost," and "Trigger Man," Ti found himself becoming even more of a genre household name with the standout flick "The House of the Devil." But having had creative differences with both Lionsgate over "Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever" and a proposed sequel to "A Haunting in Connecticut," the talented Ti recently decided to go back and make a movie his way. The result is the new film "The Innkeepers" (currently available via VOD and in select theaters ...

Interview: 'The Innkeepers' Sara Paxton On Ghosts, Haunted Hotels And Ti West

1/18/2012 12:00pm EST
Having played more then her share of memorable weighty roles in films like the remake of "Last House on the Left" and "Shark Night 3D," actress Sara Paxton has already proved she can do drama like a pro. But leave it to the likes of talented filmmaker to watch Ti "The House of the Devil" West to help bring out a different side of the actress audiences haven’t yet seen – delightfully quirky. In the new eerie thriller "The Innkeepers" (currently available via VOD and in select theaters on Feb. 3 from the great Magnolia Pictures!), Paxton plays the inquisitive Claire, an employee of the fame...