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Now Playing: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on "Looper," Sci-Fi and HitRECord 'Inception' - 8-Bit Cinema
2014-04-22 Inception - Trailer No 1
2012-11-30 Joseph Gordon-Levitt on "Looper," Sci-Fi and HitRECord
2012-10-02 Dark Knight Rises Already Creating Oscar Buzz
2012-07-12 Leonardo DiCaprio Full of 'Inception' at the Los Angeles Movie Premiere
2012-04-07 The Life and Career of Joseph Gordon-Levitt
2011-10-02 Zamm Top 10 of 2010 Movie Review
2011-07-03 Unscripted With Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page
2011-06-22 The 83rd Annual Academy Awards Recap
2011-03-10 Picking the Winners for Oscars 2011 - Part 1
2011-02-23 Oscar 2011 Predictions
2011-02-15 Best Movies of 2010: The Weekend Initiative
2010-12-20 Why Inception is the Best Movie of 2010
2010-12-19 Leonardo DiCaprio About Inception Movie

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