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Igor Cast and Crew

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Steve Buscemi - Voice of Scamper
Jay Leno - Voice of King Malbert
Molly Shannon - Voice of Eva
Arsenio Hall - Voice of Carl Cristall
Eddie Izzard - Voice of Dr. Schadenfreude
James Lipton - Voice of Himself
Christian Slater - Voice of Dr. Schadenfreude's Igor
Myleene Klass - Voice of Dr. Holzwurm
Robin Howard - Voice of Dr. Holzwurm's Igor
Matt McKenna - Voice of Dr. Herzschlag
Daniel Hustwayte - Voice of Dr. Herzschlag's Igor
Jess Harnell - Voice of Announcer/Royal Guard
Zoë Bright - Voice of Blind Woman/Killiseum Fan
Sophia Eraklis - Voice of Blind Orphan
A Cheron Hall - Voice of Blind Orphan
Alexander Leondis - Voice of Blind Orphan
Juliana Leondis - Voice of Blind Orphan
Michael Leondis - Voice of Blind Orphan
Nicole Leondis - Voice of Blind Orphan
Robin Tisserand - Voice of Blind Orphan
Paul C Vogt - Voice of Buzz Offmann
Kay Cole - Voice of Grand Dame
Tayah Howard - Voice of Tatiana
Justin Eick - Voice of Royal Guard
John D. Eraklis - Voice of Killiseum Fan
Max Howard - Voice of Killiseum Fan
Tony Leondis - Voice of Killiseum Fan
John Cleese - Dr. Glickenstein
Chris McKenna - Voice of Killiseum Fan
Jennifer Coolidge - Jaclyn/Heidi
John Cusack
Sean Hayes - Brain
Chris McKenna - Voice of Killiseum Fan
Tony Leondis
Max Howard
John D. Eraklis
Jean-Luc De Fanti
Darius Kamali
Matthew Parker
Jamee Deruso
Chris McKenna
Tony Leondis
John Hoffman
Dimitri Toscas