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Identity Cast and Crew

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John Cusack - Ed
Ray Liotta - Rhodes
Amanda Peet - Paris
John Hawkes - Larry
Alfred Molina - Doctor
Clea DuVall - Ginny
John C. McGinley - George
William Lee Scott - Lou
Jake Busey - Robert Maine
Pruitt Taylor-Vince - Malcolm Rivers
Rebecca De Mornay - Caroline Suzanne
Carmen Argenziano - Defense Lawyer
Marshall Bell - District Attorney
Leila Kenzle - Alice
Matt Letscher - Assistant District Attorney
Bret Loehr - Timmy York
Holmes Osborne - Judge
Fred Coffin - Detective Varole
Joe Hart - Bailiff Jenkins
Michael Hirsch - Naked Businessman
Terence Bernie Hines - Bailiff
Stuart Besser - Frozen Body
James Mangold
Cathy Konrad
Stuart Besser
Dixie J Capp
Michael G. Cooney