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Release Date: December 09, 2003Running Time: 128 mins.
Genre: Action, Adaptation

Tadanobu Asano
Nao Omori
Shinya Tsukamoto
Hiroyuki Tanaka

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Welcome to the blood-soaked halls of Yakuza Mansion wherein lurks Ichi, a proverbial Frankenstein monster torn between sexual violence and confused innocence. When Boss Anjo disappears, his yakuza soldiers suspect the mansion's lowlife underworld tenants. The search is led by Kakihara, a garish, peroxided S&M jester with body piercings and a gaping slash extending his mouthline. His quest is a tender affair, for Anjo taught Kakihara the pleasures of inflicting and receiving pain. An old gangster reject, Jijii, has clues to Anjo's disappearance, but vanishes into the corridors of the mansion. Kakihara's brutal torture methods (pins and needles are his favourite implements) quickly upset the y... Full Summary >>