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I Love You Beth Cooper Cast and Crew

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Jack Carpenter - Rich Munsch
Hayden Panettiere - Beth Cooper
Paul Rust - Denis Cooverman
Lauren London - Cammy
Lauren Storm - Treece
Shawn Roberts - Kevin
Jared Keeso - Dustin
Brendan Penny - Sean
Marie Avgeropoulos - Valli Wooley
Alan Ruck - Mr C
Cynthia Stevenson - Mrs C
Pat Finn - Coach Raupp
Andrea Savage - Dr Gleason
Violet Columbus - Sullen Girl (Angelica)
Anna Mae Routledge - Patty Keck
Anja Savcic - Victoria Smeltzer
William C Vaughan - Paul Bergie
Darien Provost - Young Rich
Samm Levine - Convenience Store Clerk
Ellie Harvie - Female Cop at High School
Dalias Blake - Cop at Lake
Emily Tennant - Raupp's Sophomore 2
Margaret Ma - Raupp's Sophomore 3
Natalie Von Rotsburg - Librarian
Dharrol Alves - Laughing Teen #1
Karyn Baltzer - Laughing Teen #2
Devin Douglas Drewitz - Laughing Teen #3
Lucy Lu - Laughing Teen #4
Brandon Barton - Party Boy #1
John Gulayets - Party Boy #2
Dante Alridge - Young Bully #1
Ifeanyi Obanye - Young Bully #2
Joshua Emerson - Greg Saloga
Josh Emerson - Greg Saloga
Chris Columbus
Chris Columbus
Michael Barnathan
Mark Radcliffe
Jennifer C. Blum
Michael Flynn
Larry Doyle
Larry Doyle