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I Dreamed Of Africa Summary

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If you had a chance to pick up, leaving everything you knew and trusted behind, for a completely new life filled with exotic surroundings, unimaginable hardships and unknowable danger, would you do it? Kuki Gallman, a beautiful, inquisitive woman, escapes her comfortable yet monotonous life in Italy to start anew in the wilds of Africa with her son Emanuele and her new husband Paolo. Though first in awe of the incredible power of nature and the sense of freedom in the wild countryside, Kuki soon discovers that life in rural Africa is not a fairy tale existence. Wild elephants and lions roam the land unhindered; devastating storms destroy all in their path; and desperate poachers ruthlessly murder endangered animals. Yet through the most trying of setbacks, Kuki emerges resilient, filled with strength and desire to take life on lovingly and fearlessly.