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The United States faces an enemy of epic proportions. It's not something you can see on CNN or YouTube. It's not as overtly in your face as wars, natural disasters or terrorism. But this invisible, insidious monster is rapidly growing into a behemoth, threatening to spark an unthinkable catastrophe that will impact the future of the nation and the lives of every single American, no matter who you are. This monster is the national debt--now at a gargantuan $9.5 trillion and counting. Former U.S. Comptroller General Dave Walker (a/k/a the nation's top accountant) and Concord Coalition executive director Bob Bixby travel like town criers across America on what they call a "Fiscal Wake Up Tour." Town by town, they've been arming citizens with information about how we got into a sticky financial mess, why we must act right now to stop it, and what we can each do to begin to free the nation from the stranglehold of this colossal debt.