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The Hunger Cast and Crew

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Catherine Deneuve - Miriam
David Bowie - John
Susan Sarandon - Sarah Roberts
Cliff De Young - Tom Haver
Beth Ehlers - Alice Cavender
Dan Hedaya - Lieutenant Allegrezza
Rufus Collins - Charlie Humphries
Suzanne Bertish - Phyllis
James Aubrey - Ron
Ann Magnuson - Young Woman From Disco
John Stephen Hill - Young Man From Disco
Shane Rimmer - Jelinek
Douglas Lambert - Television Host
Bessie Love - Lillybelle
John Pankow - 1st Phone Booth Youth
Willem Dafoe - 2nd Phone Booth Youth
Sophie Ward - Girl in London House
Philip Sayer - Boy in London House
Lise Hilboldt - Waiting Room Nurse
Michael Howe - 1st Intern
Edward Wiley - 2nd Intern
Richard Robles - Skater
George Camiller - Eumenes
Oke Wambu - Eqyptian Slave
Kent Miller - Cadaver
Fred Yockers - Cadaver
Susan Hunter - Cadaver
James Wassenich - Cadaver
Allan Richards - Cadaver
Hilary Six - Cadaver
Carole-Ann Scott - Cadaver
Tony Scott
Richard Shepherd
Terence Clegg
Michael Thomas
Ivan Davis
Whitley Strieber