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Tom Six To Release More Controversial Films?

8/27/2015 10:00am EDT
'The Human Centipede' Filmmaker Tom Six To Release More Controve
You can’t keep a controversial filmmaker down! Looks like famed writer/director Tom Six, the mad genius behind the trilogy of "The Human Centipede" films, is going to be digging up his archives for those who just can’t wait for new ways to be shocked. The former film is aptly titled "What the F**k?!" – the synopsis via the official press release is below!

"The Human Centipede" trilogy director Tom Six will release one of his earlier Dutch films for the international market. "What The F**k?!" is an hilarious black comedy about famous Dutch singer “Dries Roelvink” who is kidnapped by hi...

Want Tickets To 'The Human Centipede 3' Premiere?

4/14/2015 11:15am EDT
Get Tickets To 'The Human Centipede 3' Premiere In LA!
For those looking for their fill of centipedes – the human kind that is – we’ve got good news for you. Horror fans can not only go now and purchase tickets to the upcoming premiere of the highly anticipated "The Human Centipede 3 - Final Sequence" taking place on Monday May 18 in LA, but also have a chance to win a piece of art via writer/director Tom Six! Check out the official press release below:


On May 18, 2015, the much-anticipated movie “The Human Centipede 3 – Final Sequence” will have its world premiere in Los Angeles, CA. Usually, fans can only dream of watchin...

Exclusive: 'Human Centipede 3' Sound Clip & Movie Still!

11/8/2014 5:35am EST
Exclusive: 'Human Centipede 3' Sound Clip & Movie Still!
Just when you thought it was safe to walk in a human conga line - watch out! We recently got mail from Ilona Six, the very lovely producer of the upcoming "The Human Centipede 3" and sister of famed Centipede director Tom Six, and she bestowed upon us a very disturbing sound clip and movie still from the soon to be released third outing. In it we can distinctly hear the ramblings of original Centipede crazed actor Dieter Laser talking about waterboarding, plus some very creepy grunts and groans. The pic shows a room full of bowing headed inmates with both Laser and Centipede 2 actor Laur...

Screamfest LA 2014 Interview – ‘Julia’ Actress Ashley C. Williams On Becoming An Angel Of Vengeance

10/23/2014 12:48pm EDT
Celebrating remarkable acting work is a must when a singular performance is witnessed that makes a lasting impression. In the case of the tour-de-force turn by actress Ashley C. Williams in the powerful new rape-revenge flick “Julia” it’s a case of pointing a spotlight on something movie goers have never seen before. As the titular unforgettable character, Williams runs the emotional gamut of innocence, vulnerability, sadness, anger, and vengeance all wrapped up in one captivating performance that can only be described as arresting. (See the review of the film from our Screamfest LA 2014...

'Human Centipede' Director Targeted By Death Threats

8/29/2012 8:36am EDT
Tom Six
The Dutch director of the controversial Human Centipede movies has become the target of sick death threats from critics who hate his disturbing movies.

Tom Six admits he has received terrifying messages via and letters which have been sent to his production offices.

He says, "People will write things like, 'If you can make films like The Human Centipede I and II, then you must be insane... a threat to humanity.' Some say that I'm worse than (Nazi leader Adolf) Hitler and should be killed. Others go so far as to say that they want to cut me open with glass or shoot me throug...

Conan O'Brien Reveals Hanukkah Human Centipede (Video)

12/22/2011 12:00pm EST
Conan O'Brien
'Tis the season to be jolly, but what about being involved in a Human Centipede? Conan O'Brien was thinking (perhaps not very hard) of the best way to celebrate the holidays when he came up with the Hanukkah Human Centipede. Watch Below:

We've seen worse tributes to the holidays - because we've seen the star Wars Holiday Special.

'Human Centipede 2' Banned Down Under

11/29/2011 8:33am EST
The Human Centipede Part 2
The gruesome Human Centipede sequel has been banned in Australia due to its graphic content.

Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, which was banned in Britain this year before film bosses agreed to re-edit it, was premiered at the Brisbane International Film Festival in early November and was initially given a restrictive adults only R18-plus rating.

However, on Monday, officials at Australia's Classification Board refused to give the horror movie a rating due to its "gratuitous, exploitative or offensive depictions of violence," meaning the film cannot be shown in Australian cinemas.


'Human Centipede' Director Fuming Over Ban

6/7/2011 3:41pm EDT
Human Centipede
The Human Centipede director Tom Six has slammed British film officials for banning his upcoming sequel to the graphic horror movie and posting scene spoilers on their website.

The original film, about a German doctor who kidnaps three tourists and surgically joins them mouth to anus to form a human centipede, received mixed reviews upon its limited release last year, and now the follow-up The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) is causing controversy over its sexually violent plotline.

The disturbing new movie, written and directed by Six, was due for release on DVD this year, but it wi...

31 Days Of Horror: 'The Human Centipede: First Sequence' (2010)

10/26/2010 3:51pm EDT
The Human Centipede is a movie that capitalizes on our inbred, firm stance against eating other people's excrement. In the movie, a mad scientist takes three people and sutures them together, mouth-to-anus, creating one, long, poop-eating love train. The premise is pretty thin, and writer/director Tom Six takes this one moment of horror and then just kind of builds a movie around it. But decent movies have been made on less, just look at Saw. Nobody wants to saw off their own foot, how horrible would that be? Safe to say that the same goes for eating shit. I’m pretty sure most people would ...

31 Days Of Horror 2010: Third Times The Harm... 3D

10/1/2010 11:15am EDT
31 Days of Horror (Vampyr)
Greetings ghouls, goblins and basement dwellers!

Unless you’re in Southern California (113 degrees this week!) the weather is starting to cool off and the neighborhood trees are just starting to throw on their fall colors. The month of October means different things to all types of people: sports fans have football season hitting its stride, food-blog types have new vegetables to shill, kids have a lot of school to attend--which kind of sucks for them. For me the month of October means watching an unhealthy amount of horror movies.

For the past two years, I’ve watched a horror movie I had...