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Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

Hoodwinked Cast and Crew

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Anne Hathaway - Voice of Red
Glenn Close - Voice of Granny
James Belushi - Voice of The Woodsman
Anthony Anderson - Voice of Detective Bill Stork
Patrick Warburton - Voice of The Wolf
David Ogden Stiers - Voice of Nicky Flippers
Andy Dick - Voice of Boingo
Tara Strong - Voice of Zorra
Chazz Palminteri - Voice of Woolworth
Tom Kenny - Voice of Tommy
Sally Struthers - Voice Granny (Original Version)
Xzibit - Voice of Chief Grizzly
Cory Edwards - Voice of Twitchy
Benjy Gaither - Voice of Japeth The Goat
Ken Marino - Voice of Raccoon Jerry
Preston Stutzman - Voice of Timmy
Tony Leech - Voice of Glen
Joshua J Green - Voice of Jimmy Lizard
Mark Primiano - Voice of 2-Tone
Kevin Michael Richardson - Voice of P-Biggie
Tye Edwards - Voice of Dolph
Todd Edwards - Voice of Sandwich Man
Kathryn J Lovegren - Voice of Quill
Charles Coplin - Voice of Caterpillar 1
Troy Norton - Voice of Caterpillar 2
Kelly Stables - Voice of Schnitzel Kid 1
Eli Montgomery - Voice of Voice of Schnitzel Kid 2
Vicki Edwards - Voice of Skunk Reporter
Tony Leech
Todd Edwards
Cory Edwards
Maurice Kanbar
Sue Bea Montgomery
Preston Stutzman
David Lovegren
Katie Hooten
Tony Leech
Todd Edwards
Cory Edwards