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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Cast and Crew

Macaulay Culkin - Kevin McCallister
Joe Pesci - Harry
Daniel Stern - Marv
Catherine O'Hara - Kate McCallister
John Heard - Peter McCallister
Devin Ratray - Buzz
Hillary Wolf - Megan
Maureen Elisabeth Shay - Linnie
Michael C Maronna - Jeff
Gerry Bamman - Uncle Frank
Terrie Snell - Aunt Leslie
Jedidiah Cohen - Rod
Senta Moses - Tracy
Daiana Campeanu - Sondra
Kieran Culkin - Fuller
Anna Slotky - Brooke
Tim Curry - Concierge
Brenda Fricker - Pigeon Lady
Dana Ivey - Desk Clerk
Rob Schneider - Bellman
Leigh Zimmerman - Fashion Model
Ralph Foody - Gangster
Clare Hoak - Gangster -
Monica Devereux - Hotel Operator
Bob Eubanks - Ding-Dang-Dong Host
Rip Taylor - 1st Celeb
Jaye P Morgan - 2nd Celeb
Jimmie Walker - 3rd Celeb
Patricia Devereux - 1st Contestant
Aimee Devereux - 2nd Contestant
A M Columbus - 1st Skycap O'Hare
Joe Liss - 2nd Skycap O'Hare
Teri McEvoy - 3rd Agent - New York Gate/O'Hare
Ally Sheedy - Ticket Agent
Harry Hutchinson - Ticket Taker
Sandra Macat - Flight Attendant
Venessia Valentino - Flight Attendant
Andre Lachaumette - Man on Plane
Rick Shafer - Peter Look Alike
Rod Sell - Officer Bennett
Ron Canada - Cop in Times Square
Cedric Young - Cop in Central Park
William D'Ambra - 1st Arresting Cop in Central Park
Mark Morettini - 2nd Arresting Cop in Central Park
Fred Krause - Cliff
James Cole - Security Guard
Donald Trump - Himself
Warren Rice - Doorman
Thomas Civitano - Plaza Marketing Director
Daniel Dassin - Waiter
Donna Black - Health Club Woman
Abdoulaye N'Gom - Bead Vendor
Peter Pantaleo - Airport Van Driver
Michael Hansen - Airport Van Driver
Michael Goldfinger - Limo Driver
Mario Todisco - Cab Driver
Clarke Devereux - Evidence Specialist
Anthony Cannata - Sergeant in Toy Store
Karen Giordano - 1st Streetwalker
Eleanor Columbus - Little Girl in Toy Store
Fran McGee - 2nd Streetwalker
Leonard Tepper - Sleeping Man
Kevin Thomas - Geeky Kid
Eleanor Columbus - Little Girl in Toy Store
Chris Columbus
John Hughes
Mark Radcliffe
Richard Vane
Duncan Henderson
John Hughes