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The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Awards

YearResultAward Category/Recipient(s)
2014Co-Winner MTV Movie AwardBest Fight
Evangeline Lilly
Orlando Bloom
2014Nominee MTV Movie AwardBest Hero
Martin Freeman
2014Nominee MTV Movie AwardBest Onscreen Transformation
Orlando Bloom
2014Nominee MTV Movie AwardMovie of the Year
2013Co-Nominee Critics' Choice AwardBest Costume Design
Ann Maskrey
Bob Buck
Richard F. Taylor
2013Nominee Critics' Choice AwardBest Make-up
2013Nominee Critics' Choice AwardBest Actress in an Action Movie
Evangeline Lilly
2013Co-Nominee Critics' Choice AwardBest Art Direction
Dan Hennah
Ra Vincent
Simon Bright
2013Nominee Critics' Choice AwardBest Visual Effects
2013Nominee Academy AwardSound Editing
Brent Burge
2013Co-Nominee Academy AwardSound Mixing
Christopher Boyes
Michael Hedges
Michael Semanick
Tony Johnson
2013Co-Nominee Academy AwardVisual Effects
David Clayton
Eric C Reynolds
Eric Saindon
Joe Letteri