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The Hills Have Eyes II Cast and Crew

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Jessica Stroup - Amber Johnson
Reshad Strik - Mickey Elrod
Michael McMillian - David 'Napoleon' Napoli
Daniella Alonso - Missy Martinez
Lee Thompson Young - Delmar Reed
Ben Crowley - 'Stump' Locke
Eric Edelstein - Cpl 'Spitter' Cole
Michael Bailey Smith - Papa Hades
David Reynolds VII - Hansel
Derek Mears - Chameleon
Jeff Kober - Col Lincoln Redding
Jay Acovone - Wilson
Archie Kao - Han
Philip Pavel - Foster
Jacob Vargas - Pfc 'Crank' Medina
Flex Alexander - Sarge
Tyrell Kemlo - Stabber
Javier Neto - Letch
Gaspar Szabo - Sniffer
Cécile Breccia - Pregnant Woman
Joseph Beddelem - Insurgent
Fatiha Quatili - Afghan Woman
Jeremy Goei - Clyde
Martin Weisz
Wes Craven
Marianne Maddalena
Peter Locke
Samy Layani
Jonathan Debin
Tina Anderson
Cody Zwieg
Jonathan Craven
Jonathan Craven
Wes Craven