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Peter Wingfield Online
Q&A with Wingfield about his character Methos.

Mistakes caught by perceptive viewers.

Technical and continuity errors.

Cast and Crew
Adrian Paul
Adrian Paul's official site.

IMDB Highlander
Full cast and crew information.

IMDB: Highlander
User comments, plot outline, and cast/crew list.

Stan Kirsch
Official Site includes biography, resume, gallery, and more.

Lisa Howard Webpage
Official Lisa Howard site, includes photos, news, etc.

Official Website with bio, filmography, gallery, and fan-o-rama.

Peter Wingfield Online
Site devoted to Wingfield, who played Methos.

Deb's Christopher Lambert Website
Fansite dedicated to the actor that played "The Highlander."

Highlander Watcher Chronicles
Info about the immortals.

Fan Fiction
Highlander Fan Fiction
Stories sorted by title.

Highlander: The Television Series
A selection of original stories.

Hobert's Highlander Homepage
Stories that focus on the character, "Richie Ryan."

Highlander: The Fic-thology
Stories taken from a mailing list dedicated to the show.

Fan Mail
Contact Any Celebrity
Get accurate contact information for over 16,000 movie, television, music, sports stars, and other popular public figures.

Highlander: Official Site
Includes catalog, lore, and community sections.

The Highlander Retreat
Superb site with pictures, episode guide, info, and more.

Jump The Shark
Read and comment on the moment the show went downhill.

Lisa Howard Webpage
Images of Dr. Anne Lindsey.

Mostly Methos Image Gallery
A selection of Methos screencaptures.

IMDB Quotes
Memorable quotes and lines from the series.

The Movie Quotes Site
Fan submitted quotes from the flick.

IMDB Quotes
Long list of quotes from the Internet Movie Database.

Highlander Quotes
Quotes from cast or characters.

Oh Quotes
A page of movie quotations.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)
An excellent website with this film's script and many others.

Sci-Fi Scripts
Check out the complete script from the film.

Wav Central
Archive of downloadable soundclips.

Kat's Eurosounds Season 6
Euro-sound bites from the U.K. version.

Download exciting wav files.

Movie Pooper
Find out about the film's ending.

Theme Song
Blackcatter Theme Song Lyrics
Words to the show's theme song.

IMDB Highlander
Little-known facts.

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