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Heaven and Earth Cast and Crew

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Haing S Ngor - Papa
Bussaro Sanruck - Le Ly Age--5
Supak Pititam - Buddhist Monk
Joan Chen - Mama
Thuan K Nguyen - Uncle Luc
Lan Nguyen Calderon - Ba
Dustin Nguyen - Sau
Vinh Dang - Bon
Khiem Thai - Brother in Law
Liem Whatley - Viet Cong Captain
Michelle Vynh Le - Viet Cong Cadre Woman
Aron Starrat - Helicopter Soldier
Peter Duong - Republican Colonel
Phil Neilson - Marine in Helicopter
Michael Lee - Ky La Wizard
George Roarke - US Advisor
Michael Paul Chan - Interrogator
Dave Cooper - Bald Onlooker
Irene Ng - 1st Torture Girl
Vivian Wu - Madame Lien
Long Nguyen - Anh
Term Saefam - Herbalist
Stephen Polk - 1st GI
Keith Smith - 2nd GI
Brad Rea - 3rd GI
Robert John Burke - GI Paul
Tim Guinee - Young Sergeant
Yeun Yong Dumda - Jimmy Age--1
Timothy Carhart - Big Mike
Kevin Gallagher - Tall Marine
Brian Helmick - Short Marine
Catherine Al - Bar Girl
Tommy Lee Jones - Steve Butler
Somsak Hormsombat - Siclo Driver
Don Ho - Tommy Age--2
Dale Dye - Larry
Scott Barkwill - Staff Sergeant at Embassy
Conchata Ferrell - Bernice
Debbie Reynolds - Eugenia
Jennifer Low Sauer - 1st Supermarket Shopper
Gina Sheri Tavizon - 2nd Supermarket Shopper
Chitra F Mojtabai - Supermarket Check-Out Girl
Annie McEnroe - 1st Dinner Guest
Marianne Muellerleile - 2nd Dinner Guest
Marshall Bell - 3rd Dinner Guest
Le Ly Hayslip - Jewelry Broker
Huynh Cao Nguyen - Landlord
Willie Nark-Orn - Tommy Age--5
Lester Gopaoco - Jimmy Age--8
Toby Vu - Alan Age--2
Andy Reeder - Alan Age--4
Vivien Straus - Neighbor's Wife
Mai Nguyen - California Wizard
Melinda Renna - Police Woman
Robert F Marshall - Detective
Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone
Arnon Milchan
Robert Kline
A. Kitman Ho
Mario Kassar
Clayton Townsend
Risa Bramon Garcia
Christina Rodgers
Richard Rutowski
Oliver Stone
Le Ly Hayslip
Jay Wurts
James Hayslip