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Soccer coach urged Demian Bichir to give up sports dream

April 3rd, 2014 3:10am EDT
Demian Bichir
A Better Life star Demian Bichir gave up his dream of becoming a professional soccer star when a sports coach urged him to stick to acting.

The Oscar nominee hails from one of Mexico's most beloved acting families, but he grew up dreaming of a sports career.

That all changed when he invited his soccer coach to see one of his early plays.

The Heat star recalls, "I had this opening night for this beautiful play in Mexico and when they asked for my guest list, I only thought of my coach from the team.

"He went to the play and the next time we trained he said, 'You know who (soccer legend) ...

Sandra Bullock putting family first in 2014

November 27th, 2013 8:30pm EST
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock is planning to put motherhood first in 2014 after dedicating much of this year to her film career.

The actress starred in hits The Heat and Gravity and spent much of 2013 on movie sets and red carpets, filming and promoting - and now she wants to put family first and hang out with her adopted three-year-old son Louis.

She tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I have a feeling that work is going to shift now because I don't want to drag him around to places. There are a lot of prerequisites that have to happen for me to be happy.

"He really will be happy anywhere, but I wan...

Sandra Bullock Says No To 'The Heat' Sequel

October 2nd, 2013 4:07pm EDT
The Heat
Sandra Bullock has revealed that she doesn't think she will work on a possible sequel to her surprised comedy hit The Heat, in part because of her previous track record with sequels.

The R-rated comedy, also starring Melissa McCarthy, made over $220 million worldwide against a $43 million budget. The breakout hit immediately generated buzz of a sequel.

However, Bullock recently told Entertainment Weekly, "I know they say never say never, but right now, I can’t imagine it. I don’t want to ruin what Melissa and I had. If a miracle happens where [a script] shows up that really and truly outd...

'Despicable Me 2' Tops Weekend Box Office For Second Straight Week

July 15th, 2013 11:31am EDT
Despicable Me 2
The giant robots of Pacific Rim were no match for the Despicable Me 2 Minions this weekend, as the family feature topped the box office for a second straight week.

The sequel to 2010's Despicable Me raked in another $44.8 million, bringing its two week total to just shy of $230 million.

Another sequel, Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2 came in second despite being the summer's worst-reviewed movie, according to Rotten

Guillermo del Toro's robots vs. monsters movie came in well under expectations, making just $38.3 million for a third place finish.

The Heat, starring Sandra Bulloc...

'Monster's University' Holds On To Top Spot At Weekend Box Office

July 1st, 2013 7:36am EDT
Monsters University
"Monster's University" graduated at the top of the box office after making $46.1 million over the weekend. Billy Crystal voices Mike while John Goodman is Sulley in a film about how the pair of monsters overcame their differences and became the best of friends even though they couldn't stand each other when they first met.

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock's cop comedy "The Heat" came in second place with earnings of $40 million. Last weekend's number two, "World War Z," starring Brad Pitt, took the third slot with takings of $29.8 million.

Coming in a disappointing fourth place was Ch...

Monsters University tops U.S. box office

June 30th, 2013 8:40pm EDT
Monsters University
Billy Crystal's Monsters University graduated top of the U.S. box office over the weekend after raking in $46.1 million (£29.7 million) in ticket sales.

The animated family film beat Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock's cop comedy The Heat, which debuted at number two with earnings of $40 million (£25.8 million).

Brad Pitt's zombie thriller World War Z was in third with takings of $29.8 million (£19.2 million), while Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx's action epic White House Down came in a disappointing fourth place ($25.7 million/£16.6 million).

Superman movie Man of Steel rounded out the...

'Monsters University' Holds Off 'The Heat' For Top Box Office spot

June 30th, 2013 1:37pm EDT
Monsters University
Monsters University may have held off The Heat for top spot at the box office, but The Heat did well for an R-rated comedy that was out-promoted by White House Down.

White House Down, which spent plenty of money for spots during the NBA Finals and across TV, could only take a distant third with $26.6 million. Monsters University took around $46 million and The Heat earned $40 million. World War Z and Man of Steel round out the top 5 at $29 million and $21 million, respectively.

It's quite possible crowds were either confused by fellow "White House attacked" film Olympus Has Fallen, or fou...

Review: 'The Heat' Is Far From Hot

June 28th, 2013 1:00pm EDT
'The Heat'
On paper this film must have sounded like a great idea.

A super uptight, friendless, socially awkward FBI Agent has to partner with a foul mouth, crass Boston cop in order to bring down a vicious drug lord. Add Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and Academy Award nominee Melissa McCarthy to the mix, plus director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), and you have a perfect female "buddy flick."

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, in the case of "The Heat," written by first-time screenwriter Katie Dippold, a great deal went wrong - mainly the film, which is a comedy that just isn't funny.

Not funny enough t...

Melissa McCarthy injured The Heat co-star during shoot

June 25th, 2013 8:42pm EDT
Melissa McCarthy
Melissa Mccarthy was convinced she had broken co-star Michael Mcdonald's nose on the set of new movie The Heat after a stunt went wrong.

The Bridesmaids star plays a detective in the crime thriller and she was required to throw a phone book at McDonald in one scene - but McCarthy's aim left the actor in agony.

He tells, "I could have sworn my nose was broken. When we rehearsed it, (McCarthy) was six feet away, but when we shot it, she was like two feet away. So she threw it and it was like, 'Boom!' It came so hard and so fast.

"Everyone, including Melissa and me, was thinking ...

Melissa McCarthy pulled peanut from Sandra Bullock's nostril

June 25th, 2013 3:11am EDT
Sandra Bullock
Melissa Mccarthy played doctor on the set of new comedy The Heat when co-star Sandra Bullock accidentally rammed a salted peanut up her nostril.

The two pals were messing around between takes when Oscar winner Bullock realised she had snorted a nut and, not wanting to raise alarm, she asked her castmate to use a swizzle stick to remove the salty treat.

McCarthy explains, "Sandy decided to slam her head down on the bar and lodge a peanut up her nose. She put it so far up and I couldn't see it.

"I had a swizzle stick and I thought, 'What's happening? I have something shoved up Sandy Bulloc...

Sandra Bullock wants to star in London's West End

June 16th, 2013 12:45pm EDT
Sandra Bullock
Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock is determined to fulfil a lifelong dream by taking a theatre role in London's West End.

The Speed star admits she is desperate to test her acting skills on stage and she would happily move to London to tread the boards in the city's famed theatre district.

Speaking to reporters at the premiere of her new film The Heat in the British capital, she says, "I'm slightly obsessed with London. I've always had an affinity with this place that borders on stalking. I absolutely love it here. One day, I'm going, 'I'm doing theatre and coming to the West End'."


Editor Disfigures Melissa McCarthy's Face And Neck On 'The Heat' Poster

June 11th, 2013 7:07pm EDT
Melissa McCarthy The Heat
Melissa McCarthy might be surprised when she sees herself on the poster for upcoming film The Heat.

McCarthy appears on the poster alongside co-star Sandra Bullock, who appears to have gone through some editing as well. However, the real story is what happened to McCarthy's face. It looks way too small for her body, and has the tell-tale signs of editing thanks to a blurred like around her neck and chin.

McCarthy has never been ashamed of her curves, so we doubt the demand came from the actress. Whoever ordered the change undoubtedly hired an amateur editor, as many outlets are calling it...

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy bonded over kids on The Heat set

June 10th, 2013 8:51pm EDT
Sandra Bullock
Actresses Sandra Bullock and Melissa Mccarthy became fast friends on the set of their new comedy The Heat by arranging playdates for their kids and swapping home decorating tips.

Bullock, who is mum to adopted son Louis, and McCarthy, who has two daughters with husband Ben Falcone, grew close shooting the movie in Boston, Massachusetts last summer (12), and the Oscar winner admits she was shocked to learn they had so much in common.

She tells Parade magazine, "Having kids connected us on a deeper level. And the things we're obsessed with outside of being a mum are the same, too. Construct...

Sandra Bullock To Host 'The Heat' Screening For Boston Police

April 22nd, 2013 9:44pm EDT
The Heat
Sandra Bullock will host a special screening of her new Boston-set film The Heat for the city's police force in the aftermath of the horrendous marathon bombings.

The Blind Side actress plays a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who is sent to work on a case in Boston, Massachusetts alongside a local cop, played by Melissa McCarthy, in the new crime comedy.

Movie producers have now decided to honor the emergency workers affected by the Boston Marathon bombing last week by hosting a special screening for them in the city.

Bullock tells, "It's been an amazing tight knit ...

CinemaCon: Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy Have Fun At 'The Heat' Photocall

April 19th, 2013 8:41am EDT
Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy
We spotted Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy acting very chummy at "The Heat" photocall at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Thursday. The duo was at CinemaCon for a 20th Century Fox press conference to promote their upcoming film.

Sandra looked sophisticated in black pants and an asymmetrical black and white sleeveless blouse, while Melissa wore black pants, a black sweater and silver sequined blouse.

The film centers on uptight and straight-laced, FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock), who is a methodical and arrogant investigator. Boston P.D. officer Shannon Mullins...

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