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J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' Spin-Off To Be Made Into A Film Trilogy

March 31st, 2014 6:00pm EDT
JK Rowling
J.K. Rowling's Hogwarts textbook is going to be made in a trilogy of spin-off films.

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" follows the adventures of Newt Scamander, a magical creatures expert known as a "magizoologist." The story takes place 70 years before the Harry Potter series begins and is set in New York.

The series is described as "neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world."

The project will be turned into three films, according to Warner Bros. boss Kevin Tsujihara.

There were eight Harry Potter films, which starred Dan...

Harry Potter Artwork To Go Under The Hammer

March 23rd, 2014 10:30am EDT
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
Two pieces of original artwork from the covers of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books are set to go under the hammer.

The watercolours, painted by artist Cliff Wright, are featured on the second and third instalments of the book series.

One of pieces, which was featured on the cover of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, depicts the boy wizard and Ron Weasley in a flying car and is being sold with a reserve price of $20,000 (£12,500), while the second is taken from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and has a minimum bid of $12,500 (£7,813).

The online sale held by Nate D. Saund...

15 Kids Movies That Never Get Old

March 18th, 2014 3:00pm EDT
15 Kids Movies That Never Get Old
It may have been decades since you were a kid, but there are some surefire kids movies that will always bring your childhood back to life. Whether they be animated Disney classics whose quality only improves with age, or modern Pixar marvels whose storytelling abilities are out of this world, nothing brings back that youthful light into our lives quite like a quintessential childhood film. Here are 15 kids movies that never get old.

1. The Lion King (1994)

Just as we’re all part of the Circle of Life, there will always be interest in this Disney's animalistic take on Shakespeare's “Hamlet...

J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter Should Have Married Hermione Grainger

February 3rd, 2014 6:30pm EST
J.K. Rowling
Author J.K. Rowling has admitted that she should have had Harry and Hermione marry at the end of her Harry Potter book series.

The writer recently said that she has had some regrets about not writing the epilogue to the series, which takes place almost two decades after the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the way it should have been written from a literature standpoint, opting instead for having Hermione (Emma Watson in the films) hook up with Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), while Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) ends up with Ron's sister Ginny (played by Bonnie Wright).

"I wrote the ...

J.K. Rowling Set To Bring Harry Potter To London's West End

December 20th, 2013 11:43am EST
J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter is headed for the London stage.

Author J.K. Rowling is set to co-produce a stage show about the boy wizard for London's West End theater district.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, the production will tell the "previously untold story of Harry Potter's early years as an orphan and outcast."

The play is scheduled to open within the next two years, and renowned theater producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender are on board to co-produce. Rowling won't be involved in writing the script for the show, and she's been approached about bringing Potter to the stage numerous times ...

Top Witches From TV And Movies – Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2013 10:00am EDT
Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy in Hocus Poc
What sort of spell do witches hold over us? We find them fascinating, scary, and often times sexy.

These ladies, and men as well, don't just haunt our dreams, they find shelter in movie theaters and in our living rooms, and we welcome them into our imagination.

So which witches have what it takes to make our list? Let's not waste another moment; it is time to get bewitched, bothered, and bewildered:

Hocus Pocus (1993)

The Sanderson Sisters: Winifred, Sarah and Mary
(Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy)

Originally planned as a TV movie, "Hocus Pocus" was brought to ...

J.K. Rowling To Screenwrite New Series Set In Harry Potter's World

September 12th, 2013 11:31pm EDT
J.K. Rowling
J.K. Rowling is heading back to Hogwarts. The Harry Potter author has signed a screenwriting deal with Warner Bros. Pictures to write a series of spinoff movies that take place in Potter's wizarding world.

The first installment, titled, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", will be "neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world."

Rowling posted the news to her Facebook page on Thursday, writing, "It all started when Warner Bros. came to me with the suggestion of turning Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them into a film. I thought...

Universal Studios Announces 'Wizarding World Of Harry Potter' Diagon Alley Expansion

May 9th, 2013 7:02pm EDT
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Universal Studios announced the expansion of the Harry Potter section of its Orlando, Florida, theme park on Wednesday.

The popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be expanded to include a section based on the book and film series' Diagon Alley, which will inclued a new ride, restaurant and shops.

The new section won't be a part of Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park -- which is home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -- but will be featured in the adjacent Universal Studios Florida in the place of the old Jaws ride, which closed in January 2012. The attraction will featu...

Spielberg Explains Why He Stepped Down From Directing 'Harry Potter'

January 10th, 2012 9:00am EST
Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg passed on the chance to get behind the camera for the first "Harry Potter" film after helping to develop the movie adaptation of J.K. Rowling's bestseller - because he didn't feel he was ready to tackle an "all-kids" project.

The moviemaker admits his own children thought he was crazy when he stepped down from the project and allowed Chris Columbus to take over - but he's still convinced he made the right choice.

He tells website Digital Spy, "I just felt that I wasn't ready to make an all-kids movie and my kids thought I was crazy. And the books were by that time popular...

Rupert Grint Takes Grief-Stricken Family To 'Harry Potter' Theme Park

December 22nd, 2011 9:49pm EST
Rupert Grint
Christmas came early for one British family after actor Rupert Grint escorted them to Florida for an all-expenses paid trip to the Harry Potter theme park.

Grint was heartbroken to hear about the grief-stricken Carters, who have been struggling to cope with the loss of their mother Denise, who died giving birth to her and her husband Steve's fourth child in 2009.

The group's touching story was picked up by TV bosses and aired on U.K. special Noel's Christmas Presents, which aired on Sunday, and featured the family being granted their vacation wish and being showered with gifts for the hol...

'The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter' Coming To Universal Studios Hollywood

December 9th, 2011 12:43pm EST
Warner Bros. Entertainment and Universal Parks and Resorts today announced a partnership to bring The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – the enormously popular themed entertainment environment which debuted in Orlando in June 2010 – to Universal Studios Hollywood.

The two companies also announced their plans to significantly expand The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood will be as impressive as what has been created in Orlando – and is expected to transform tourism in Los Angeles for decades to com...

Ricky Gervais Defends Dwarfism Sitcom

July 12th, 2011 8:26am EDT
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais has defended his new sitcom centered around Warwick Davis, insisting he doesn't rely on the dwarf actor's short stature for the show's jokes.

Gervais and his writing partner Stephen Merchant recruited the Harry Potter star, who was born with dwarfism, for upcoming TV comedy Life's Too Short, about a dwarf actor running a struggling showbiz agency.

However, The Office funnyman is adamant he doesn't poke fun at Davis' disability in the series.

He tells Britain's Absolute Radio Breakfast Show, "This is nothing to do with his height. We're not getting jokes out of him being ...

The 'Harry Potter' Growth Chart

July 10th, 2011 1:50pm EDT
Warner Bros.

It's a well-known fact that kids do two things: They say the darnedest things, and they grow up so, so fast.

One of the greatest pleasures (among many) of watching the "Harry Potter" movies has been seeing its trio of leads, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, age before our eyes. It's like they're family members – but with mad conjuring skills.

As part of 15 Days of Potter, we created this visualization of Harry, Hermione and Ron's aging process throughout the series.

(Photoshop wizardry by Dustin Glick.)

Originally published Nov. 8, 2010.

Emma Watson: 'L.A. Scares The C**p Out Of Me'

July 1st, 2011 8:10am EDT
Emma Watson
British actress Emma Watson is terrified of settling down in Los Angeles, because she couldn't stand obsessing about her looks and weight all the time.

The Harry Potter star has returned to England in preparation to study at the prestigious Oxford University after a year reading English Literature at Brown University in Rhode Island.

However, the beauty is adamant she'll never consider living on the west coast of the U.S. in looks-obsessed L.A., because she fears the focus on the body-beautiful would damage her sanity.

She tells Britain's Harper's Bazaar, "L.A. scares the c**p out of ...

Ezra Miller Arrested For Marijuana Possession

June 29th, 2011 4:20pm EDT
Ezra Miller
Child star Ezra Miller is facing legal trouble after he was busted for marijuana possession on Tuesday.

Miller, who is currently filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower opposite Harry Potter star Emma Watson, was driving through New Jersey with a pal when their vehicle was stopped by Peters Township police for a routine traffic violation.

Officers allege they saw "brown, vegetable material" in the star's lap and a search of his person turned up marijuana and rolling papers in Miller's jacket, according to local reports.

The actor has been booked on possession charges.

J.K. Rowling Unveils 'Pottermore'...And It's More Potter (Sorta)

June 23rd, 2011 9:52am EDT
Last week, "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling revealed a brand new website for her wizarding franchise, "Pottermore," a page shrouded in secrecy with promises of a future revelation. We had a few guesses as to what could be up her robe sleeve, but all guesses were exactly that. Pure speculation.

Until now.

This morning, a recorded message from Rowling popped up online (along with a press conference across the Atlantic) announcing the true nature of "Pottermore:" a hub for all things Potter, old and new. Rowling explained in a whimsical introduction video that the site, "will be the place ...

Emma Watson's Rep Slams Johnny Simmons Dating Reports

June 17th, 2011 8:14am EDT
Emma Watson
A spokesperson for Emma Watson has shot down reports the Harry Potter actress is enjoying an off-screen romance with new co-star Johnny Simmons.

The 21-year-old Brit sparked speculation she is dating Simmons when they were recently photographed together in Pennsylvania, where they are currently filming upcoming drama The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

However, Watson's representative has dismissed rumors of a budding romance between the colleagues, telling Britain's Daily Mail, "This is complete fiction."

Watson has been single since dating One Night Only rocker George Craig last year.

J.K. Rowling Has A 'Harry Potter' Announcement!

June 16th, 2011 3:41pm EDT
Harry Potter
JK Rowling has just launched a new Harry Potter website and is teasing a major announcement next week. Is there a new Harry Potter book in the works?

Attention all Harry Potter fans: The announcement you've been praying for may very well be forthcoming! JK Rowling has just launched a new website and is teasing a major Harry Potter announcement!

The website, PotterMore.com, is currently a placeholder page featuring two owls. Click on either owl and you are brought to Rowling's YouTube account, where the Harry Potter announcement is teased with a countdown to next week and the blurb, "Th...

Emma Watson To Study At Oxford?

June 10th, 2011 7:54am EDT
Emma Watson
Actress Emma Watson is returning to Britain to study at one of the U.K.'s most prestigious universities after quitting her course at Rhode Island's Brown University.

The Harry Potter star enrolled at the renowned American college to study English literature, but dropped out in April amid rumors she was being bullied by classmates.

Watson vehemently denied the claims, insisting she simply wanted to tackle a different course not offered by Brown. And now reports suggest the star is enrolling at Oxford University, one of Britain's top academic facilities.

According to Britain's Daily Mir...

Emma Watson: 'I Feel More Comfortable With Fame Now'

June 6th, 2011 3:31pm EDT
Emma Watson
Emma Watson has opened up about her decision to shun the limelight to study at an American university, insisting she was "in denial" about her Harry Potter fame.

The actress, who enrolled at Brown University in Rhode Island in 2009, turned her focus to her degree in a desperate attempt to escape the spotlight and the Potter franchise.

She tells Britain's Sunday Times Style magazine, "I was in denial. I wanted to pretend I wasn't as famous as I was. I was trying to seek out normality, but I kind of have to accept who I am, the position I'm in and what happened."

Watson, who has since q...

'Twilight' Stars Dominate The 2011 MTV Movie Awards (See List of Winners)

June 6th, 2011 8:17am EDT
MTV Movie Awards
The vampires from Twilight overpowered the magical Harry Potter kids at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, taking home five golden popcorn prizes to their film franchise rival cast's one.

It was a shocking night for the Twilighters in more ways than one - Robert Pattinson stunned the audience and TV viewers on the east coast of the U.S. when he uttered the 'F' word while paying tribute to his Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon, the MTV Generation Award recipient.

Pattinson scored the Best Male Performance award and shared the Best Fight and Best Kiss honors ...

Alan Rickman's Emotional Letter To Mark End Of 'Harry Potter'

May 26th, 2011 11:43am EDT
Alan Rickman
British actor Alan Rickman has marked the upcoming end of the Harry Potter franchise in an emotional letter praising his now grown-up co-stars, as well as creator J.K. Rowling.

The wizard movies will conclude this year with the release of the final installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and Rickman, who plays wizard teacher Severus Snape, has shared his thoughts about the end of Potter.

In a letter written to Empire magazine, Rickman reveals he realized the enormity of his 10-year stint in the Potter franchise when he saw a grown-up Daniel Radcliffe recently performin...

Daniel Radcliffe Reacts To Tony Awards Snub: 'I'm OK, Really!'

May 10th, 2011 9:57pm EDT
Daniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was shocked by critics' reaction to his Tony Awards snub, insisting people acted like he should be in mourning.

Theater buffs expected the young Brit to land a Best Actor nomination for his acclaimed performance in the play "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" - but he was left out when they were announced last week.

Radcliffe doesn't harbor any hard feelings, insisting he's flattered to even be considered as a viable candidate among this year's nominees - even if some fans and critics believe he should feel sore and bitter.

He tells Enter...

15 Breakout Stars To Bet On This Summer

May 6th, 2011 10:24am EDT
The summer movie season is here, and that means one thing: AIR CONDITIONING!!! Also, we get to watch some cool movies with our air conditioning ticket.

There will be some familiar if not downright iconic faces to greet us there, but who's not looking to make some new friends? Lucky for us Hollywood is dishing out a promising group of cinematic newcomers who just might have made the leap to stardom by the time school's back in session -- including two sons, one daughter and one cousin of pop culture royalty.

Here's a list of actors on the cusp of becoming big-time screen idols.

Chris He...

NextMovie Gives Us This Summer's 10 Big Movies In Lego Form! (Pics)

May 3rd, 2011 3:30pm EDT
We've said it once, we'll say it again: Everything is better in LEGO form.

So not to discount every other summer movie preview out there this week (including our own countdown of the season's 25 most anticipated blockbusters), but we think you'll agree that the preview you'll find below is absolutely the most… LEGO-ist.

Really, it doesn't get any better than a LEGO monkey. (Posters created for NextMovie by Old Red Jalopy.)

The 2011 Best Picture Nominee Posters in LEGO Form

Emma Watson Named Britain's Best Dressed Woman

May 3rd, 2011 12:00pm EDT
Emma Watson
"Harry Potter" star Emma Watson has cast her spell over the fashion world - she's been named Britain's best dressed woman in a new poll.

The actress has proved her style credentials since rising to fame by becoming a regular in the front row of fashion shows and acting as muse and model for British fashion house Burberry.

And the dramatic pixie crop Watson debuted last year has seemingly boosted her appeal - she has knocked pop singer Cheryl Cole off the top of British magazine Glamour's best dressed list.

The Girls Aloud star was pushed into second place, while "Twilight" actress Kriste...

Rupert Grint Rep: 'It's Not Rupert In Bong Photo'

April 23rd, 2011 3:00pm EDT
A representative for Rupert Grint has shot down reports the actor has been caught on camera smoking a bong, insisting the man featured in an allegedly incriminating photo is not the Harry Potter star.

A grainy photograph, posted on PerezHilton.com on Thursday, was said to show the British actor lighting up. However, a spokesperson for the 22 year old has spoken out to deny any drug use speculation.

His rep tells E! News, "This is categorically NOT Rupert Grint. It is an impersonator/lookalike."

Grint is not the only young actor to find himself caught up in a bong controversy - Disney sta...

Daniel Radcliffe Commends Lady Gaga For Her Gay Rights Stance

April 19th, 2011 9:01am EDT
Daniel Radcliffe
British actor Daniel Radcliffe has praised Lady Gaga for championing gay rights in such an "outspoken" and "flamboyant" style.

Radcliffe has long supported the Trevor Project, an organization aimed at suicide prevention among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youths, while Gaga has been vocal as a gay rights advocate since she shot to fame.

The Harry Potter star admits he is impressed by Gaga's activism and is glad she has thrown her weight behind such a noble cause.

He tells MTV.com, "She's very outspoken... and it's just about being who you were born as. It's wonderful that o...

Happy 21st Birthday, Emma Watson!

April 15th, 2011 9:30am EDT
Emma Watson
"Harry Potter" star Emma Watson is set for a magic time on Friday - she turns 21.

The actress shot to fame when she was just 11 years old after landing the role of super swot Hermione Granger in the wizarding franchise, alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

Watson has since gained a handful of other roles and can also boast model and student on her resume, after enrolling at America's prestigious Brown University in Rhode Island.

To celebrate the star's milestone, we've looked back and found 10 fascinating facts about Watson - enjoy your day, Emma!

- Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson ...

Miranda Cosgrove: 'I Got Into NYU And USC!'

April 12th, 2011 2:30pm EDT
Miranda Cosgrove
Teenage actress Miranda Cosgrove's college dreams are coming true - she's been accepted at two prestigious universities in New York and Los Angeles.

The iCarly star previously revealed she had applied to various colleges across the U.S. to study film. She told Seventeen magazine, "My ultimate dream is to go to the University of Southern California for two years and then New York University for two years."

Her anxious wait is finally over and she's celebrating after landing placements at both of her preferred schools - but she admits it will be a tough choice to settle on one.


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