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The Happening Cast and Crew

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Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
Zooey Deschanel - Alma Moore
John Leguizamo - Julian
Spencer Breslin - Josh
Ashlyn Sanchez - Jess
Betty Buckley - Mrs. Jones
Victoria Clark - Nursery Owner's Wife
Frank Collison - Nursery Owner
Robert Bailey - Jared
Jeremy Strong - Private Auster
Alan Ruck - Principal
M. Night Shyamalan - Joey
Alison Folland - Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin
Kristen Connolly - Woman Reading on Bench
Cornell Womack - Construction Foreman
Curtis McClarin - Construction Crew Member
Robert Lenzi - Jake
Derege Harding - Train Conductor
Kerry O'Malley - Woman on Cell Phone
Shayna Levine - Teenage Girl in Jeep
Stéphane Debac - French Bicyclist
Cyrille Thouvenin - French Bicyclist's Friend
Babita Hariani - Medical Correspondent
Alicia Taylor - U.S. Reporter
Edward James Hyland - Professor Kendall Wallace
Armand Schultz - Talk Show Host
Stephen Singer - Dr. Ross
Sophia Burke - Student Named Laura
Alex van Kooy - Boy in Class
Charlie Saxton - Student Named Dylan
Kathy Hart - Vice Principal
Lisa Gunn - Teacher in Auditorium
Rick Foster - Railway Police Officer
Marc H. Glick - P.A. System Conductor
Don Castro - Philadelphia Police Officer
Bill Chemerka - Taxi Driver (Sal)
Jann Ellis - Older Woman with Dog
Whitney Sugarman - Passenger
Mary Ellen Driscoll - Woman Passenger
Greg Wood - Passenger at Counter
Peter Appel - Diner Owner
Eoin O'Shea - Passenger #1
Michael Quinlan - Passenger #2
Lyman Chen - Passenger #3
Brian Christopher O'Halloran - Jeep Driver
Megan Mazaika - Jeep Passenger #1
Richard Chew - Jeep Passenger #2
Keith Bullard - Man in Crowd at Crossroads
Joel De La Fuente - Realtor
Ashley Brimfield - Woman in Group
Mara Hobel - Woman With Hands Over Ears
James Breen - Farmhouse Voice
Carmen Bitonti - Mangled Construction Worker
Brian Anthony Wilson - Arguing Man in Crowd
Greg S Aldridge - Zoo Employee
Ukee Washington - Local News Anchor
John Ottavino - Network News Anchor
Sid Doherty - Radio News Anchor
Wes Heywood - Radio Voice
Nancy Sokerka - Radio Caller Fay
Julia Yorks - Young Woman Voice on Phone
Bill Shusta - Radio Newsman
Kirk Penberthy - Radio Announcer
Alex Craft - Truck Passenger Boy
Allie Habberstad - Truck Passenger Girl
M. Night Shyamalan
M. Night Shyamalan
Samuel L. Mercer
Barry Mendel
Roger Birnbaum
Gary Barber
Ronnie Screwvala
Zarina Screwvala
Jose L Rodriguez
Deven Khote
John Rusk
M. Night Shyamalan